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1. How does WAXblock work?

WAXblock is exactly like It is designed and operated in the same way but with minor improvements. It is a block explorer that tracks and displays transactions, accounts, tokens, prices, and scatter/lynx integrations for the EOS blockchain.

2. What was in place before?

Previously there was and there are many other explorers on WAX that exist including Hive, WAX and marketcap.

3. Who will use it?

This is open to everyone, allowing people to see what is going on in the WAX blockchain.

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4. What are the benefits in using WAXBlock?

Having access to information helps with transparency and insight into movements within the blockchain.

5. What other kinds of data might be tracked on this?

It is just like Etherscan which is essentially a digital ledger of what is going on inside WAX.

6. what can the community learn from waxblock?

Other similar tools have existed in the past. WAXblock just makes the information accessible and easier to understand.