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NFT.NYC Recap: The World of NFTs Is Here to Stay

Lisa Gibbons and myself visited NFTNYC and were delighted to meet so many of the WAX team in person for the first time - big shoutout to Jassy, William, Mike and many more

With more than 6,000 passionate creators, builders, partners and fans in attendance, NFT.NYC was proof to the community and the world that NFTs are here to stay.

Day One: William Quigley Takes Center Stage at Radio City Music Hall

nftnyc post 2

Things kicked off with William Quigley taking the stage at Radio City Music Hall, where he captivated the audience with his presentation “NFT 2.0: the Evolution of Digital Assets from Gaming to Commerce.”

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Post-presentation, one attendee said,” William has a way of explaining things and motivating the community like no other in the industry. It was such a pleasure to hear his perspective. It makes me more certain the industry is headed in the right direction.”

WAX Studios Takes Over Times Square

WAX Studios took over one of the most iconic public canvases — the electronic billboards of Times Square

nftnyc post 3

Exclusive WAX Mixer at Castell Rooftop Lounge in Times Square

Lisa and I attended and meet everyone in WAX - what a blast

Until next year :-)