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1. Why WAX?

WAX offers free Peer-to-peer transactions & easy wallet setup. It allows our players to get into the game at a low cost where they can then earn NFTs for free. No other relevant Blockchain can provide this immersive NFT gaming experience.

2. Tell me about the WAX Community

The WAX community is very passionate and focused on building tools to enable others to create. There are so many opportunities for project collaboration. There is massive friendly competition between major players on the WAX Blockchain that drives innovation and with the cost of developing on WAX being so low the innovation happens so rapidly.

3. What are the best future features of WAX?

Best features for WAX will be its focus on Play-to-earn and the Metaverse.

4. When did you first call your project a metaverse?

We had originally started calling Immersys a Multiverse due to the loose meaning Metaverse was being given. After looking into the term Metaverse and the meaning of it, we decided we were in fact not just a metaverse, but a metaverse ecosystem. The Metaverse is made up of many different levels. Each level is represented by some sort of future tech, decentralization & NFTs are just a small portion of the Metaverse. We call ourselves an ecosystem, because Immersys is focused on developing technology that spans multiple layers of the metaverse like Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

5. You are a leader – but were you following anyone else – did anyone / any other project inspire you (in web3 or outside)?

I like to lead by asking others for help. In a space which is changing and developing so quickly it would be hard to lead without having others in the space which could help guide my decision making.

6. We are the cusp of exploding metaverses – how do you define a metaverse now?

I no longer look at individual projects as Metaverses themselves. Instead I ask myself, “How Metaverse are they?” All decentralized projects are currently considered metaverses due to the nature of the tech involved like blockchains, smart contracts, & NFTs. It is less of question of “if” and more of a question of “how.” I think it’s more important to look at how decentralization & other next generation tech is playing a part in a project to determine & define the metaverse.

7. What is your roadmap looking like – what features and developments are coming down the line?

Our aim right now is to continue focusing on play-to-earn. We believe that empowering player’s time investment in our ecosystem through creation of real-world value is important to our success. We need to make sure that this portion is done right so everything else has a purpose like advertising & owning virtual property.

8. How important is it to include real world elements – or should it just be fantasy?

We believe it can be a little bit of both. I don’t think there is a specific genre of metaverse. Our story and lore for the Immersys world doesn’t always align with our creators who make assets for the world, yet they play an important part in our ecosystem. Having a player created economy in our virtual world opens up the possibility of both real world & fantasy. They sometimes clash, but that’s what makes it real and a personalize for that user.

9. Are you taking the best of IRL into the metaverse?

I like to think we’re taking the best of everything.

10. What is the importance (if any) of brands in the metaverse?

Brands in the metaverse are important, but not at the expense of all other users. We’re focused on allowing brand discovery for all, in 3D space, and those who have established brands will generally see more success initially than those just starting out. The role big brands play in the metaverse is risk takers. They have the capital to explore and innovate in different sectors. I believe this exploration is what creates opportunities for adoption.

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11. Is there a role of influencers?

I believe they fill a similar role to brands. They are personal brands themselves. Their opinions and voice matter. They can choose to educate and promote or ignore and tear down. I think it is important that those in the space become influencers. We need to educate and onboard other influencers.

12. What parts of IRL are you going to leave behind?

For the most part, I hold the majority of my assets in crypto. Fiat may not be the easiest thing to leave behind, but it’s definitely hard to want to hold it over cryptocurrency.

13. If you were to give advice to anyone building their own metaverse – what would you say?

Build something beautiful. It’s where most of us will be spending a lot of time soon.

14. How important is land sales?

Land is important, but the community is more important. Land just like in the real world is all about location & until all metaverses are connected, you’ll want to make sure you’re building in the world that has a strong community. A place where you can be confident you’re not just the product, but a producer.

15. How important is community?

Love how this is the next question. It is the most important part. Without the community, the metaverse you are building will fail.

16. Do you have a gamify element in your metaverse?

Every element of our world is gamified. The shopping, the building, the game, and the interactions with the world.

17. Do you have play/learn/attend to earn opportunities?

We don’t offer them directly currently, but our community does. They host events frequently for others with often reward attendance and participation.

18. Will metaverses and P2E replace UBI in your opinion?

I believe we will all eventually have a token. I believe our tokens will have exchange rates between each other based on value we provide. I’m just curious to see what this social currency looks like.

19. How important is Art in your metaverse?

Without art in the metaverse it would just be lines of code. It’s important!

20. Will you move to the metaverse?

I already have!