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Josh Loveridge discovered his love of gaming at an early age and as a young teenager found himself playing many hours of video games every day. He dropped out of formal schooling at 16 and sat the state exams through home schooling. A pattern he followed when attending tertiary courses.

“I quickly realised that you have two options in life. The first is to work very hard to make your dreams a reality or option B is not working so hard but only to make someone else’s dreams a reality.”

Loveridge chose the first option.

He took courses in QQ I Level 5 in digital media production though to level 6 in Game Design but he quickly found he had real world clients and so he switched the courses for his clients. He is now the director of a number of entities of which the two main ones being Stratton Studios and Loveridge Digital Media. Together, at age 23, there are almost forty employees between the two companies with offices in Wicklow, Ireland and NSW in Australia.

Stratton Studios

Stratton Studios is a console game development company and publisher. It focuses mainly on narrative driven NFT titles. It numbers Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and AAA titles amongst its customer base. It is currently building a Unity SDK for WAX.

“We are building our own game, called Costume Clash, which is a kind of Mario Kart styled racing game.”

city_street_slipways (3)

Loveridge is looking to bring gaming into NFT gaming. He asks if people would still play NFT/Blockchain games if there were no NFTs in the game.

“We are trying to build games that people want to play – with or without NFTs. That means that when we do add NFTs the game becomes hyper addictive.”

His goal is to be one of the first companies to bring NFTs to consoles. Costume Clash is an advanced Alpha and has more than 2500 users which is growing at 7% week on week. It is mostly feature complete with online multiplayer, different game modes and lots of maps.

‘Some gamers have already spent the guts of 500 hours playing Costume Clash.”

Loveridge Digital Media

Loveridge Digital Media is a full services media agency that focuses on the data driven approach to content creation and specialises in the area of video production, website development and full service campaign management. It also works with major names such as Disney, McLaren and Ferrari.

“We are bringing NFTs into this business too.”

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Why WAX?

“That is the number one question everyone wants to know,” says Loveridge.

Loveridge has been into blockchain for a long time but tended to remain an observer rather than an active participant. Initially he felt the tech was lacking in maturity and needed ‘more time in the oven.’

In early 2021, he decided that it was time to link up NFTs and consoles. He did a risk analysis of every blockchain over a two-month period. He spoke with heads of technology wherever possible.

“Most blockchains have scaling problems, can’t handle mass transactions and falter under pressure. WAX was the only blockchain that impressed us. It was the only blockchain we found that could process enormous amounts of transactions seamlessly.

“The only thing it doesn’t have is sufficient documentation but that is easily fixed – technology is not.”

Loveridge found some teething issues which he is looking to change, in order to provide WAX resources to other developers, to help them skill up faster and to look at more R&D.

“But we are now working with NFTs across numerous industries such as cinema, entertainment, and retail. We are including them as part of normal business process. With WAX I feel I could actually impact the blockchain for the better.

“And for me, that is the whole point – I like to see actionable impact.”

The other point about WAX that engages Loveridge is the community; people actually care.

“It’s a great community and so everything about WAX made perfect sense.”

St Patrick’s Day

As it is St Patrick’s Day, we finish by asking Loveridge if it is helpful to be an Irishman in blockchain.

“Yes,” he says. “In my experience, being Irish has allowed me to build connections around the world. As soon as I open my mouth people can tell I am Irish and are very friendly. Since we do some 95% of our business outside of Ireland, this is very positive.”