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Remember the famous line from Dumbo 1941 film as sung by the Crow chorus?

"I've seen a housefly, I've seen a dragonfly, but I ain't never seen no elephant fly!"

Well, the same could be said for the Blockchain Brawlers – we’ve seen a universe, a multiverse and a metaverse, but have we seen a Brawlerverse?

Well, we have this week. Published on WAX’s medium, the Blockchain Brawlers have just moved the dial again, this time to bring all players into their newly coined Brawlerverse.

The article begins by stating if anyone owns a Brawler and spends time and energy in the BCBrawlers Discord, then ‘you are not just a player, you’re a potential participant in Blockchain Brawlers’ living, breathing world.’

The thinking behind the Brawlers is that WAX wants to give the community real power to impact the future of the game. It invites players active in the Discord to be involved in shaping the Brawlerverse and perhaps even becoming a character in their weekly stories.

Now that sounds a bit different – get involved and end up on the stage – sounds like a panto.

WAX has hired a team of crack-short writers and game producers and they want to include the actual players in the development of the Brawlerverse.

How it’ll Start

So the plan to create a written interactive show in the form of blog posts, social media and Discord.

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The platform is called Brawlerverse HQ and will be looking for input from players – perhaps wrestling dirt sheets, story updates and even shoutouts to friends.

One example is the #ScottyGang crew who already creating their own story lines. Other players are invited to do the same and be part of the living breathing show. Or you may wish to post advice, feedback and comments and see them directly incorporated into Brawlerverse direction.

Are you perhaps a chugmeister?

Some players will be invited to contribute in experimental surveys which will influence game play down to the level of naming of cities and landmarks in the Brawlerverse

How cool is that? How many people get to name landmarks? Well, in the Brawlerverse this could very well be your thing.

Check out the Brawlers App - taco sauce ...hmmm

Those of you who want to shine onstage had better start making some noise so the Blockchain Brawlers General Manager, JustMike, may invite you to submit bio information and be part of the storyline.

What Happens Next?

The future is up to you. WAX has never tried this before, and they’ve never seen a game or show try to collaborate with its audience this way. In a perfect world, collaborative (or ‘decentralized’?) world-building and storytelling becomes a rich part of Blockchain Brawlers. But obviously, it needs to be fun, meaningful, efficient, and a whole lot more…

So there you have it – the ultimate storytelling, collaborative experiment is about to begin. It’s really a question of watching this space (and jumping in)

Join the team on Discord to join in the fun!