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WAX Studios, a gaming and blockchain services studio created by the founders of the WAX Blockchain, recently witnessed the immensely successful launch of the beta release of Blockchain Brawlers, a play-to-earn (P2E), non-fungible token (NFT) game.

Blockchain Brawlers announced in December

In the first two weeks of trading, the native token BRWL moved an impressive $431 million in volume, with active players earning an average of over 5,000 BRWL per day, or the equivalent of around $1400

The game has also begun holding its next series of special auctions offering Legendary 1-of-1 NFT brawlers. Pre-launch sales of Brawler's NFTs in auctions on WAX and Binance raised over $2.7 million, with Legendary 1-of-1 Brawlers fetching more than $25,000 each, and winning bids for NFTs in this new series of auctions are exceeding $35,000

Currently, the floor price for a Brawler and Ring Starter Pack is around $7,500 — an increase of approximately 2100% from the original pre-launch sales price in early February.

Blockchain Brawlers is the first game from Wax Studios, WAX's new dedicated gaming studio headed up by Michael Rubinelli. Rubinelli, a 25-year veteran of the gaming industry and alumni of Disney, Playdom, Electronic Arts, and THQ is cited as being instrumental in the rise of the free-to-play business model that revolutionized gaming. Now, he sees the potential for P2E to do the same and wants to help lead the charge once again.

Michael Rubinelli said: "We're delighted to see how well the community has received Blockchain Brawlers. An immense amount of hard work has been poured into creating a sustainable and engaging game that truly stands out among the crowd. Combined with the inherent user-friendliness and novel features of the WAX blockchain, we're confident that Blockchain Brawlers will continue to redefine gaming in this sector."

Within Blockchain Brawlers, players can compete in pro wrestling style matches, earn BRWL tokens and craft their way to success. Players can use their earnings to construct better equipment, including wrestling rings and weapons to earn more BRWL. In fact, every item in the game — except for Legendary Brawlers — is craftable and usable.

There are over 400 unique Brawlers, including a limited-edition collection of NFTs featuring pro wrestling legend "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

The game also boasts cross-platform functionality. Binance's recently rebranded BNB chain is the first blockchain to be connected with WAX via an NFT bridge, making 'Blockchain Brawlers' the first game to enable interoperability between the two chains.

That's not the only bridge being forged. To enable players to maximize the P2E experience as seamlessly as possible, Wax has developed a WAX-ETH bridge allowing the BRWL ERC-20 token to be sent to WAX for use in-game.

Through its carbon-neutral blockchain, WAX is fast becoming a powerhouse in the Play-to-Earn and non-fungible token (NFT) gaming sector. The WAX blockchain currently has over 12,000,000 active user accounts and boasts six blockchain games in the top 25 by users, including the actual top 3 by daily players. WAX also has more user activity than any other blockchain with nearly 20 million daily operations according to Blocktivity.

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In other news, Metropolis Origins, the fast-paced collectible, cyberpunk trading card game, is reinventing the genre all over again for an entirely new generation of audiences.

Metropolis Origins

Metropolis Origins is a point-and-click adventure where humans and artificial intelligence coexist (and not always on the best of terms) in three separate factions. The game’s vision is to build an NFT content ecosystem emphasizing community and long-term investment in a story world.

Metropolis Origins, which was brought to life alongside co-creators Austin Grossman and Naomi Augustine-Yee at QXR Studios, is a sequel to the Metropolis title that legendary AAA game developer Graeme Devine created back in 1987.

Faction Wars

Characters can be picked from three different factions: Corporate, Government or Underground–using game strategy and cleverness to defeat opponents and win matches.

“The card decks are tailored toward characters in those factions,” says Devine. “Each faction represents a different power type. So a Corporate might be more powerful upfront or an Underground might be a wild card. Playing underground is a bit like gambling. I’m Underground forever.”

“When we launch this Faction Wars update, it’ll be version one of our play-and-earn integration,” explains Elena Piech, QXR’s Blockchain and Community Strategist. “We’re turning to our community and gauging how they’re reacting to the updates and how they’re playing the game. We want to leverage community participation in the growth of the Metropolis Origins story. In the near future, there’s also going to be some new strategic elements introduced to the game we think our community will be excited about. Based on wins and losses, Faction Wars will allow players to take over certain parts of Metropolis.”

To keep things fun and continue growing the community, Metropolis Origins rolls out weekly tournaments and gives out prizes to players.

Recent WAX successes

WAX has had tremendous success onboarding major brands into Web3. In December, WAX partnered with Sony Pictures and AMC Theatres to giveaway official Spider-man: No Way Home NFTs. Many other global brands have come to the WAX blockchain including Street Fighter, NASCAR, Atari, Funko, Hot Wheels and Power Rangers. At the start of 2022, WAX performed the largest NFT drop in history — one to each of the first 10 million WAX accounts registered.