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The much-anticipated Blockchain Brawlers Play to Earn (P2E) game is going live on Wednesday 30th March – actual time not stated despite the growing excitement of the WAX community, and more accurately the excitement of the 1000plus NFT holders able to compete in the game.

The game, a robust minimum viable product (MVP) is as near-to-perfect as an MVP can be. It has sound and music, beautiful interfaces and gives the player the ability to move their assets in and out of the game in order to be sold or given to another fan.

Michael Rubinelli, head of games at WAX Game Studios, is excited to launch on Wednesday. “As we always say to our community: Come ride with us, it will be a wonderful journey.”

The weekend prior to launch, Michael is busy putting the final touches to the upgraded roadmap. It’s a multiyear game he explains so they are building detailed functionality and features over the next 12 months

“We strive to get better each and every day. Our stated goal is to build the game for the long term. But above all it’s going to be a ton of fun to play.” 

In all there are over 1050 Brawler NFTs which entitle gamers to play. At this time, there is no way currently of knowing how many of these NFT owners are unique – ie a player may have multiple NFTs to start with. Accordingly, guesstimates of day one participants range widely from 500 up to 750 gamers.

The mechanics of the game is that the wrestlers, aka the brawlers, are broken into two categories. There is the legendary category, the one of ones, also referred to as the "Founder "Edition" and that includes wrestling royalty Ric Flair. 

The second category is called the jobbers and this is broken into the four types; common brawler, uncommon brawler, rare brawler and epic brawlers. There are hundreds of these brawlers which are differentiated by rarity which in turn offers different aesthetics and performance levels.

“Each manager could have a stable of brawlers which can offer different performances in the ring and the motivation is to get them to perform.”

There are also three wrestling rings available with different rarities. A common ring, a rare ring and a legendary ring. In the common ring a manager can only wrestle one brawler at a time but if the manager decides to progress by acquiring more brawlers, then they can opt for the rare ring which allows four of the brawlers to brawl at once, or all the way up to the legendary ring which allows eight brawlers to brawl simultaneously.

The mechanics also restrict each manager to operating one ring at a time.

“Currently the game is what we term player versus the environment and every time the manager brawls, they win. Right now we are offering the players the opportunity to build a robust stable, enhancing their brawlers as they go.”

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There is an option also to equip the brawlers as they enter the ring with wrestling gear such as brass knuckles, a trash can or a steel chair. Successful brawlers (and at this stage they are all successful) can then earn gold or the brawl token (called BRWL) which in turn can be used to heal their brawlers or craft all the items in the game.

“Maybe you start off with one brawler, and you’re winning in a common ring, winning enough to buy another brawler. But you can’t play them both at the same time in the common ring, so you decide to upgrade to the rare ring. You can either purchase that from another player via a secondary market or you can craft one if you have accumulated the resources through playing and earning them.

“It’s like a ping pong movement up the ladder of success.”

As the gamers earn more assets they can either upgrade their stable or sell them – it’s important for WAX that the players have dominion over their own assets.

Michael reckons that he loves his job so much that he doesn’t work – “It’s like being on holiday every day – with this coming Wednesday being a red letter holiday.”

For details on the roadmap, please visit the medium post

To join the game head over to on Wednesday 30th March, dooring opening around 12 noon ET.

Also, we thought you'd like to see some of the funny memes created by the eager community - roll on match day tomorrow.