This week on Blockleaders

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This week we looked at current themes running in the blockchain space, going through different elements as well as subject matters that are relevant to decentralized technologies and practices.

We started by covering fake blockchain news and ended up looking at how blockchain can be used to help creators and rights holders. Our journey made us think about how we can raise the bar for technology as we also approached the world of arts and bitcoin and the ideal concept of global cooperation through blockchain.

Here are the incredible leaders we met this week:

Ryan Leckey – Cutting through fake blockchain news like a warm knife through butter

In a world populated with fake blockchain news, Launch Badge Head of Development Ryan Leckey gave us a realistic outlook on Blockchain’s real use and its true value.

Ryan Leckey

Fran Rooney: Raising the Bar for Technology

Raising the bar for technology, Blocknubie Chairman Fran Rooney spoke to about the use of Artificial Intelligence, the value of Blockchain and shared his predictions about regulation and security.

Fran Rooney

DJ J Scrilla – Smoking Bitcoins For The Sake Of Art

Tokenizing artwork in the blockchain space. Artist, DJ and entrepreneur J Scrilla talked about the fascinating branch of Crypto art, walking us through how the blockchain comes into place within the digital art sphere.

DJ J Scrilla

Andy Tudhope: Global Cooperation is Needed to Create Global Solutions

Global solutions need global cooperation. Status Developer Relations manager Andy Tudhope shared his path in the blockchain space, explaining his contribution to displacing the unequal status quo.

Andy Tudhope

Roanie Levy: Representing creators and rightsholders on blockchain

Representing creators and rights holders on the blockchain, Access Copyright CEO & President Roanie Levy explained how decentralized technologies can be the future for protecting copyrights holders.

Roanie Levy