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This Week on Blockleaders

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week we took a close look at women in the blockchain world, following their incredible journeys as they pioneer through the tech world, making a better world by ushering positive change away from centralized government regulations. Next week sees the people building the blocks in the blockchain world, the […]

Blockleaders This Week

Reading Time: < 1 minute The people we met last week stood for social impact and betterment, ushering in a new era of positive contributions for our planet. Next week we meet some more incredible people who are all taking blockchain to the people, starting with the democratization of music all the way to politics, […]

Blockleaders This Week

Reading Time: 2 minutes The people we met this week were just fascinating, with fantastic visions for the present and future of the blockchain. Next week will be no different, with even more varied individuals that follow a common thread: the idea of social impact, social betterment and making the world a better place for those […]