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XCOPY and Lil Pump Portion NFTs

XCOPY + Lil Pump NFT collection drops on Portion.io to Celebrate Palm Network Partnership

Reading Time: 3 minutes Portion Partners with Palm to Drastically Reduce the Cost and Environmental Footprint of Minting NFTs. The creator-first initiative starts with a breakthrough drop from XCOPY and Lil Pump. Decentralized NFT Auction House, Portion.io, built on Ethereum, was created to directly support the greater artistic community. Recognizing the impact that blockchain […]

Michael Blu – the Hard Metal Man

Reading Time: 4 minutes Michael Blu – Uplift.Art Founder As a precious metals broker, Michael knew the power of a fear trade. In a world where fiat has been squeezed with quantitative easing since the 2008 financial crash, hard assets have acquired an extra allure. His successful brokerage dealt in the message that the […]

NFTs – it’s not just about Digital Art

Reading Time: 3 minutes Carolin Wend, Co-founder of Mintbase.io NFTs are not just about art. Into this exploding field comes estalished player, Mintbase, with ambitions to rethink NFTs. Just as we get our heads around the concept of digital art NFTs then another cargo-load of applications arrives to really fry the brains. So let’s […]