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Mandy Shemuvalula: Youth is Not Wasted on the Young

Reading Time: 8 minutes That old saying about youth being wasted on the young has never had more relevance than it does right now. Mandy Shemuvalula’s hectic race to take on the world’s youth highlights the main impediments to young people getting ahead in business – too many old farts blocking their way. You have been warned. If you are of an ageist bent then this article is not for you. (hint, check out if you are a youth or old fogie in paragraph three).

Barbara Bickham, or a life spent in blockchain, the ultimate intersection between technology and money

Reading Time: 8 minutes “Well, being an entrepreneur has nothing to do with starting a company, that’s just part of it. What inspires you to create that company is the important part. What drives you to go down that road. I think that entrepreneurs are naturally born leaders, they like to shape and mold things. They are naturally curious people. They ask a lot of questions. And they are very clear on themselves. They clearly know their vision and mission. And they like to have people come along and help them”

Paulii Good: When marketing and storytelling meet the blockchain

Reading Time: 9 minutes Storytellers share a common bond. Restless creativity. The bond is unseen but strong, and resilient. Creativity drives the storyteller’s inner thoughts and motivation for everything they do. Paulii Good has achieved success in her chosen professional path. She spoke to BlockLeaders about the power of storytelling both in work and life, and also confessed her passion for baking nice stuff for her family.

Last Week on Blockleaders

Reading Time: 2 minutes The week began with us talking about pulling the community together through collaborative efforts, and we ended up covering the creation of a community for women in the blockchain world. On our journey, we also took a look at the use of crypto assets in divorce cases and their legal implications.

Last Week on Blockleaders

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week saw some amazing women working in the blockchain world and making their mark in technology. We started the week talking about adding transparency in the healthcare world, to finish with tackling poverty and social injustice, all through blockchain. Throughout the week, our journey covered the creation of international […]

Roxana Nasoi: Bringing the Human Element to Technology Through Blockchain

Reading Time: 7 minutes Roxana Nasoi spent some time talking to Blockleaders’ Fernando Sanchez about entrepreneurship, community building, her Cryptolaw podcast, and visiting 45 countries to get a better understanding of how society and communities work in different parts of the world. Today’s world is made up of 195 countries. Each of these countries […]

Last Week on Blockleaders

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week saw the emerging themes of community and interconnectivity, focusing on bringing people together through the blockchain. We started the week talking about using blockchain as a force for change and ended up covering the fascinating world of art and how blockchain can play a huge role in it. […]

Blockleaders This Week

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Blockleaders we talked to last week were all entrepreneurs and educators, passing on their knowledge and opening up people to the world of tech, cryptocurrency and blockchain. This week will cover the theme of connectivity and community. Our Blockleaders are great individuals that want to keep people connected within […]