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Decentralised Finance in Macau

Reading Time: 3 minutes Macau is an awesome place to host a conference. Often dubbed the Las Vegas of China, this tiny strip of land is a buzzing ecosystem resplendent with golden hotels, temples and resorts. Returned to China since 1999, its Portuguese inheritance is very strong with Portuguese blue-framed houses sitting cheek and […]

Europechain FACT for COVID-19

Reading Time: 2 minutes GDPR compliant monitoring solution for any remote workforce Europechain FACT offers a COVID-19 monitoring and management tool for enterprises, Governments, and healthcare agencies amidst the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. FACT offers remote solutions such as contact tracing, symptom tracking, customizable templates and workflows which can be distributed among employees and at-risk […]

Blockleaders Weekly Report

Reading Time: < 1 minute Join Blockleaders Editor in Chief, Jillian Godsil, and Crypto Expert and Costa Rica Resident, Matt Haynes, in their regular, irreverent look at what is happening in the blockchain and crypto world. This week they look at the price of crypto, the implications of the Coronavirus, Block One and Coinbase, Coronacoin, […]

Blockchain in Africa

Reading Time: 3 minutes GUEST POST by Paul Scott Managing Director at P2 Digital Holdings & Co-Founder at eXtendIT, Xigital & P2DH. Non-Executive Chairman at Whrrl Paul will return next month to talk about some of the solutions offered by blockchain. While Blockchain adoption in Africa is incredibly slow and lags the world by […]

Top Blockchain Trends For 2020 And Beyond

Reading Time: 4 minutes GUEST POST WRITTEN BY Mike Walker Sr. Director of Applied Innovation at Microsoft. Bringing paradigm-shifting digital transformation through emerging technologies. I believe blockchain will have its breakout moment in 2020 as it moves beyond the hype machine to derive real value for mainstream enterprises. In fact, in Deloitte’s 2019 Global Blockchain Survey, […]

Australia launches Blockchain Roadmap

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Australian Government has provided $350,000 to Standards Australia to lead the development of international blockchain standards through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).    The government engaged with industry and researchers to develop the National Blockchain Roadmap to highlight blockchain’s potential and some of the opportunities that exist. Blockchain […]

Round table – Money 2025 at DAVOS

Reading Time: 4 minutes The round table was hosted by FT journalist Jemima Kelly and joined by Mamuka Baktadze, 13th prime minister (2018-2019) and minister of finance (2017-2018) of Georgia, David Blumberg, founder and managing partner of Blumberg Capital ($500 AUM), Jeff Schumacher, founder and investor, 55 Catalyst Capital, Henri Arslanian, chairman the FinTech […]

GBA Washington Conference with Liberland

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) ran a Future of Money, Governance, and Law Conference on January 31, 2020. The conference was attended by six Liberland representatives on Capitol Hill, Washington. Joey Langenbrunner, Pranav Badhwar, Bogie Wozniak, David Molineaux, David Ament, and Steve Wood from Liberland were all in attendance. Dan […]

Liberland Partnership Announcement

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Free Republic of Liberland signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Crypto Asset Research Platform Baserank for evaluating companies issuing crypto assets in Liberland. Baserank, the crypto asset research platform, has started work with the Free Republic of Liberland on independent crypto asset rating and research. Crypto asset ratings will […]

Disrupting the Motor Industry

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rouder, a motor ecosystem already operational in Russia, is looking to get a jump on self-drive legislation in Europe targeting the second-hand automotive market. It is gunning for $1 billion revenue in just five years which is a fraction, just 0.6%, of the overall automotive market. The original automotive ecosystem, […]

Ireland launches a world first – a universal restaurant voucher platform using Blockchain technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ireland launches a world first – a universal restaurant voucher platform using Blockchain technology The Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI) has launched a universal gift voucher, redeemable in up to 3000 participating member restaurants and the first known voucher to be powered by Blockchain technology. The platform was developed by […]

10 things you might not know about Davos

Reading Time: 4 minutes Davos – 10 things you might not know about Davos Freelance journalist Jillian Godsil popped her Davos cherry this year and learnt ten surprising things you might not know about Davos Now in its 50th year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit was first launched by German economist Klaus Schwab. […]

Innovation from the phone box

Reading Time: 3 minutes In conversation with Hugo Feiler, co founder and CEO https://minima.global/ Do you remember the public phone box? Beloved of Dr Who and his Tardis, the humble phone box is fast disappearing from our topography as mobile devices remove the need for public phones.  In some places, local communities have converted […]

Concordium – giving science the lead

Reading Time: 3 minutes Remember when seat belts came in? Or rather can you imagine not having a seat belt in a car? We are just at the point of pre-seat belts in the blockchain space.” So says Lone Fonss Schroder, CEO of Concordium. This comparison is appropriate for the CEO as she was […]

Minima to launch a fully decentralised Proof of Work Blockchain Protocol

Reading Time: 3 minutes Minima: “Smarter than BTC. Harder than ETH.”“The Evolution will not be Centralised” Minima, a compact, scalable and secure cryptocurrency with the mantra ‘“The Evolution will not be Centralised”, announced today, is the world’s first truly decentralised Blockchain protocol that runs entirely on mobile phones.   The brainchild of Founder and Chief […]

President of Liberland keynotes in Vienna and London

Reading Time: 3 minutes As part of his continued international work, President of Liberland, Vit Jedlicka, presented recently in both Vienna and London. Opening his talks he asked the audience “who has thought about founding a country?” In both cases, the audience responded with humour and some awe. And in London about six hands […]

Launching … 21 Club

Reading Time: 7 minutes The number twenty one holds significance for many and traditionally is seen as the pivotal age milestone – at 21 you get the key to the door and begin your life as an adult. Well, here at Blockleaders.io we are partnering with Bridget Greenwood of the The Bigger Pie to […]

ConsolFreight Enjoys Big 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes ConsolFreight was founded in 2016 as a collaborative platform that uses breakthrough technology such as blockchain and IoT to help improve the logistics and supply chain current processes. In a very busy 2019, ConsolFreight has enhanced and better positioned the role of freight forwarders, helping them to grow their business […]

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Crypto

Reading Time: 2 minutes By David Waslen – CEO of HedgeTrade These aren’t your grandmother’s New Year’s Resolutions. Designed for those enamored with all things blockchain, we’ve compiled a series of possible crypto resolutions to achieve in 2020. So pick one way (at least!) to interact with crypto this year. Then let’s watch the […]