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Europechain launches a high performance GDPR compliant blockchain to empower businesses be EU compliant.

Reading Time: < 1 minute Europechain, the European-compliant, high performing blockchain launched today with the ambition to power businesses around the world to be EU compliant, ensuring that data is an asset rather than a liability. Data breaches and lack of EU compliance are detrimental to business, as epitomised by the recent British Airways breach which resulted in a £183m fine

The Future of Blockchain Technology Is Promising Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Reading Time: 2 minutes The invention of the blockchain has already opened up new possibilities to the way we can record data, not in the least powering the cryptocurrency revolution. With the popularity of blockchain applications like Bitcoin, however, come new challenges. As more people use it, blockchains will have to become more efficient, more secure, and more adaptable. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in.

EOS Tuesday – Paul Scott of DisPRuptive PR

Reading Time: < 1 minute Paul Scott of DisPRuptive PR hails from a career in traditional finance which he found increasing frustrating. He enjoys finance but not the way it is currently managed. When he discovered cryptocurrency and blockchain he became very excited knowing he could merge his two passions – finance and helping companies grow. It is a win win for him – and for his clients.

Yuri Cataldo – It’s a Gift

Reading Time: 7 minutes Named for Dr Zhivago, Yuri was destined to be in the Arts – if only he knew it, but someone forgot to send him a memo and instead he entered into a Mechanical Engineering Degree in Purdue University in his native Indiana. However, once he discovered that engineering was more about maths than industrial design, which had been his initial interest, he transferred instead to Indiana University Bloomington to study theatrical design and never looked back.

Malo Girod de l’Ain: Art 3.0

Reading Time: 5 minutes Malo Girod de l’Ain came to art in a roundabout way. A Parisian through and through, his aunt, Hélène Girod de l’Ain, was a famous artist and his parents’ home still hosts a number of delightful paintings. He enjoyed art as a hobby but loved innovation and technology. As a result he attended a science college studying engineering. Science courses were not focused but rather covered all fields. This gifted Malo with the ability to learn on the fly.

6 Life Hacks to Making the Best You of You!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Anyone working in the blockchain industry knows it mad, bad and craaazy.  It’s like traditional fintech on steriods. However, along with the energy and passion, there is also an increased realisation that we need a return to people-power, to work-life balance, and to being the best person that you can possibly be.

Harmony looks to make UBI a reality

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nick White, co founder, of Harmony, is a native of Hawaii with ancestral roots extending over to Scotland where he hopes to visit one day.  ‘A pilgrimage’, he calls it. He has the curiosity for rain that only someone who has grown up in sunshine can foster. And interestingly, he went to the same high school as Barack Obama. While at said school, Ken Robinson, the renowned educationalist and international speaker, gave a lecture and fired up Nick’s imagination for what lay ahead. Ken’s most famous talk, his TED talk, looks at the question of ‘our schools are killing creativity’ in which he explores the outdated and crippling teaching methods that do not serve our children well. At the end of the talk, Robinson said that if he were the students’ age, he would get into the budding industry of Artificial Intelligence

EOS Tuesday – Marc Taverner: a global ambassador for blockchain

Reading Time: < 1 minute Today we provide an interivew with Marc Taverner, global ambassador for blockchain. Marc is a global citizen. I first met him in Oman where he blew me away with his speaking prowess. We have stayed in touch and he has been featured on these pages before in the profiles section (go on and have a look – and find out about colonising Mars).  Here he talks to me on the EOS Dublin podcast. Always a man to follow – listen here: