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Dan speaks to Jillian about how web3 technology has enabled Self Group to bring the human concepts of trust into an online setting. 

While building the company he and his team had lots of ideas about where they wanted the company to go. As well as building the concept of human trust, they wanted to create a service where people could consolidate the online versions of themselves into one electronic self. 

How did blockchain become part of the business?

When COVID hit Dan wanted to be proactive in protecting his company and his employees jobs as they were building the service. They had a shift in strategy and started focusing on R&D. 

They looked what they already had and what new tech they could find. 

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Elements of blockchain aligned well with their goals, such as decentralization. 

Thinking outside the box 

Jillian noted Dan's out of the box thinking and he gives credit to his dyslexia. He says a number of people on his team are dyslexic and he is a firm believer in dyslexic thinking giving a fresh perspective. 

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