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At the start of our conversation, Eliran Ouzan makes two key observations. The first is that when he found Web3 he loved the sense of community, the real ability to be able to connect with a project and moreover react with it.

“Supporters of Web3 projects can make a real difference to the project – their voice is heard,” he points out.

“They can communicate directly with the founders and in some cases vote directly on the direction of the project. This is not possible in Web2. For example, I might think Facebook is awesome but if I hold shares (unless I hold like a lot) I am not going to have any impact on the way the company is run.”

The second observation is that while the technology is tremendous the marketing is not.

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“Web3 began as a technically inspired philosophy with the emphasis on the tech. Even after 13 years and the growing momentum, the marketing is still way behind traditional Web2 companies.”

Tune in to hear more. 

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