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Louis de Bruin early on recognized Blockchain's disruptive potential to improve, streamline and simplify business processes. He had a leading role in the adoption of Blockchain by IBM and his efforts got him appointed Blockchain Leader for IBM’s Global Business Services in Europe.

Louis retired from IBM in 2020. He was closely involved in IBM's Blockchain programs such as Food Trust and Tradelens. These are Blockchains delivering transparancy and increased efficiency in respectively global food chains and in container shipping around the world. During his work he created close relationships with logistics services providers, banks, insurance companies and government institutions and helped them envision changes to their roles and adapt their key business processes correspondingly. He has lead a large number of Blockchain development projects for government institutions, Financial Clearing companies and airlines. Including the award winning Bikeblockchain featured in Forbes.

Louis is also closely working with the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric effort, an open source technology used by companies such as IBM to develop many enterprise grade Blockchains.

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He has been appointed to the Strategic Advisory Board of the Centre for Resilience Engineering of the four collaborating Technical Universities in the Netherlands. In this capacity he advises companies on the use of Blockchain in the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals and to establish resilience for critical infrastructures.

At the YES!Delft startup community, Louis is mentor for startups in the Blockchain space. At 2Tokens Louis is serving on the advisory board and he is also board member at the WSB foundation that drives the adoption of renewable energy and actively works with schools and universities to help young people to build a future with sustainable energy.

Louis has co-authored the book "Working with Blockchain" with preface of Mr Dijsselbloem, former president of the Eurogroup. He frequently speaks at international Blockchain events and as guest lecturer he teaches at universities throughout Europe and acts as advisor to government officials and Members of (European) Parliament.

For more information visit Louis' Linkedin profile or the Europechain website