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Welcome to IN THE NOW Blockleaders news with Jillian Godsil and me Lisa Gibbons. We spend 30 minutes each week discussing the world of crypto and blockchain.

Like most weeks, we have lots to cover. Lets get started.

First the headlines, this is the big picture this week:

  • Crypto market cap was down but appears to have stabilized again.
  • Adidas is going deep into the Metaverse with a Coinbase Partnership and Sandbox Real Estate
  • Bank of England Concerned over El Salvador's Bitcoin Experiment
  • Report claims Solana uses less energy than two google searches
  • Fashion Street in Decentraland sells for approximately 2.4 million US dollars and Axie Infinity Plot of land sells for $2.5 million
  • DappRadar is going to launch its own token
  • Investment firm Grayscale says Metaverse is $1 trillion dollar industry
  • Institutional investors purchased 43 million dollars worth of SOL last week
  • MoonPays New NFT Concierge Service helps celebs buy Bored Apes
  • Charitable Group Santa Casa are democratising Museums with NFTs
  • Black Friday will become the norm for NFT offers and giveaways - See the top 6
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See you next week for a roundup of all the latest news from the world of Blockchain and Crypto.