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Unique Network & Sovereign Nature Initiative to Power Radical Ecological Sustainability on Blockchain

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) will use  Unique Network’s NFT marketplace infrastructure for ecological  conservation and regeneration projects as part of their upcoming Hackathon. The deadline to participate is December 20, 2021. Apply here. This is inline with Unique’s mission to utilize its blockchain technology to power partners building platforms […]

Bran Symondson debuts a striking NFT collection, exploring the juxtaposition of where beauty meets the battlefield

Reading Time: 2 minutes Former British Special Forces Soldier Releases NFT Art Collection Bran Symondson, British soldier-turned-artist, is releasing on Dropspace his first-ever collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens*) to raise awareness of environmental issues, especially those caused as a result of armed conflicts. Entitled Kalash 47 – The Art to Disarm, this collection of […]

The Old Man’s Views The People Vs The Powers?

Reading Time: 6 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com Omicron: Yet, another variant of the China virus that our governments enjoy using to impose their authority? If you can’t beat them, we should join them.   I was thinking about this and how we promote cryptocurrencies. Perhaps we should be talking less […]

Persons of Interest – in NFTs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Wednesday 8th at 4pm UTC – drop goes live Drop happening in less than one day here Persons of Interest, a collection of 41 interviews with leading blockchain heroes by journalist Jillian Godsil, has now been converted into a boutique collection of NFTs which will be released on the WAX […]

The Old Man’s Views Oh, Joe! What did you do?

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com The great thing about internet searching is the algorithms that keep presenting you with the content it thinks you will like.   I was searching searching “major economic downturns” and “declines of empires”, and was presented with links to some new YouTube videos […]



Reading Time: < 1 minute Welcome to IN THE NOW Blockleaders news with Jillian Godsil and me Lisa Gibbons. We spend 30 minutes each week discussing the world of crypto and blockchain. Like most weeks, we have lots to cover. Lets get started. First the headlines, this is the big picture this week: Crypto market […]