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Acclaimed Japanese Artist Haroshi Reimagines his most Iconic Pieces with First-Ever NFT Collection on LGND.ART

Reading Time: 2 minutes Haroshi’s Limited-Edition Collection “Recycled Pixels” Launches On August 8th, The Day His Historic Solo Exhibition At Nanzuka In Tokyo Closes LGND Inc. announces Tokyo-based artist Haroshi’s debut collection of digital artworks titled RECYCLED PIXELS. A skateboarder and self-taught woodworker, Haroshi’s work ranges from detailed sculptures to large installations and mainly […]

DeFi Conference 2021: The Rise of Decentralised Finance

Reading Time: 2 minutes Panther Protocol to speak at event The 2nd annual DeFi Conference on 5 August 2021 organized by BitcoinEvents will be joined by Panther Protocol. Co founder and CTO Anish Mohammed will join the panel on Maximising Crypto Earnings with Decentralised Finance, at 13:45pm-14:15pm while Jillian Godsil, strategic communications, will talk on […]

FX Market View #12

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com Dollar is unlikely to consolidation higher in near term The FED is continuing its path of buying US treasuries even as the economy is expanding, and the vaccine rollout is helping to open businesses. Last month’s disappointing jobs numbers diminishes any likelihood of […]

FX Market View #13

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com Dollar range narrows with Month-end corrections As we approach month-end, investor interest in the Dollar accumulated resulting in the greenback shoring up against the majors. It is not clear however if this Dollar strengthening can be seen as a shift in the near-term […]

FX Market View #14

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com A Healthy US Jobs Market is unable to lift the Dollar The US jobs report in May released numbers of a somewhat healthy half a million new employment contracts, however this disappointed against the much higher expected figure. The let down in May […]

FX Market View #15

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com Dollar holds onto current levels despite the drop in US yields The US 10-year yield has continued its pattern of trending lower during the past 3 months, and the fall during last week’s trading session was the largest in the past year. This […]

FX Market View #16

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com Hawkish FED projections send the Dollar higher The US Dollar rallied following statements from the FED that were more hawkish than previously expected. Lifted higher by the a rise in US interest rates, the Dollar rally was coincided with a sell-off in equities […]

FX Market View #21

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com Only equity markets trade higher as risk appetite falls As the Delta variant of the corona virus subdued several major economies around the globe, the Dollar strengthened last week. In countries such as Japan and Australia as well as parts of the Eurozone, […]

GenBlock Capital takes punt on Privacy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Genblock Capital invests exclusively in blockchain and cryptocurrency, with a focus on decentralized finance. The company has been deeply entrenched in the crypto markets since early 2017, and invest in liquid cryptocurrencies on the secondary market as well as early stage funding rounds. A key tenant of the company is […]

BlackDragon sees Gold in Panther

Reading Time: < 1 minute BlackDragon is a decentralized blockchain-native fundraising group with dedicated in-house marketing, development, and research teams. The investing platform serves as a one-stop-shop for early-stage crypto investing. It supports the projects we invest in by providing invaluable resources in marketing, advisory, community growth and access to our expansive, yet exclusive industry […]

FX Market View #20

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com Dollar rally’s on inflation and retail sales data The Dollar rally’s against all major currencies last week apart for the Yen, to break the resistance it faced earlier in the month. A contributing factor towards the slight rally in Yen is put down […]

Blockleaders.io joins Crypto Climate Accord

Reading Time: < 1 minute Blockleaders.io, the crypto industry platform co-founded by award winning journalist Jillian Godsil, has joined the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA). The CCA is inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement. It is a private sector-led initiative for the entire crypto community focused on decarbonizing the cryptocurrency industry in record time. The CCA’s objective […]

Plato Data and Butterfly Protocol Leaders Announce Partnership to Leverage Plato’s W3 Blockchain and Integrated Data Environment

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Partnership will create the W3 Registry to build out Web 3.0 tools for the decentralized and distributed web and across Plato’s rapidly growing community and ecosystem. Plato Technologies Inc., the provider of the industry-leading blockchain intelligence platform Plato, will offer the newly created W3 Protocol & Blockchain Registry using the Butterfly Protocol. […]

FX Market View #19

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com Dollar resists short term sell-off and trades higher In the past week the Dollar faced resistance to its near-term trend of strengthening against the currency majors. Despite the fact that the jobs report released in the beginning of the month showed robust numbers, […]

Block.one & Cryptology Asset Group Lead $7.5M Seed Investment in Chintai

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chintai secures support from some of the leading investors in blockchain to enable the modernization of capital markets. July 7, 2021 – Singapore — Chintai, a Singapore-based company that uses blockchain technology to modernize capital markets, announced today it has received $7.5M in seed financing from multiple prominent industry-leading funds, […]

Jason Fernandes, XREX Exchange

Reading Time: 8 minutes My first introduction to Jason Fernandes is via an old MTV clip. The interviewer is dressed in purple (which I discover afterwards it is a homage to Prince, silly me) and seems enormous by comparison with his floppy purple cuffs as he interviews a young, confident 14-year old Jason. It’s […]

CSP DAO invests in Panther

Reading Time: < 1 minute CSP DAO is a decentralized network that focuses on investment opportunities that will spark the internet’s next paradigm shift. Through a research-driven and rigorous bottom-up investment process, CSP DAO supports exceptional project teams that are utilising blockchain technology to usher in the internet’s next architectural shift. Nebo, founder and CEO […]

Exnetwork Capital funds Panther Protocol

Reading Time: < 1 minute Exnetwork Capital, an investment firm, is focused on funding the innovation in the decentralization movement. A hybrid hyperconnected fund, idea lab and an incubator, Exnetwork Capital has been a key ingredient in the success of numerous projects since its launch in 2018. Eric Su, founder and CEO says:  “Exnetwork Capital […]

Firdosh Sheikh on Taxi 3.0

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although it is billed as a NextGen ride hailing platform, Firdosh calls it Taxi 3.0 for short. In her experience Taxi 1.0 was where people would book an unmetered taxi and agree the fare with the driver. Taxi 2.0 was where big tech got involved and everything moved to the […]

Digital Asset Insights #22

Reading Time: 12 minutes This post was originally published on jpfs.com MicroStrategy buys 13,005 more Bitcoin, now holds 105,000 BTC CEO Michael Saylor of the business analytics firm MicroStrategy said in a tweet in the beginning of last week that his company has acquired 13,005 more Bitcoin (BTC). The firm now holds over 105,000 Bitcoin in […]