OZTG coin and OZeety Blockchain Proof-of-Stake with yield farming is bigger than DeFi

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Interview with Serge Lobreau, Founder and Chairman of Sapian Group and Flash Group and Mru Patel, Partner and CEO of Sapian Group and COO of Flash Group.

For the last few years, the crypto space has shown some crazy returns for those who took the risk and put their money into the innovative and mostly unknown technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Thousands of investors made millions, if not billions, but thousands of investors also lost fortunes investing in crypto, due to volatility. This volatility was caused by coins with no intrinsic value, people with no experience in the team or lack of institutional capital that made the business crash before even getting started properly.

Understanding DeFi and the Yield Farming phenomenon

Many crypto-businesses were profitable as short-term investments, but they turned out to be ticking time bombs that exploded in the face of many investors. Prices multiplied overnight, and then crashed in the morning. What is certain is that crypto investments are for the bold risk-takers, not for the traditional investors that want to put their money into something safe. It was a “go big or go home” game.

In order to understand better this type of investments, we need to understand what is DeFi and yield farming. So, let’s dive deeper into the notion.

What is DeFi?

The term DeFi comes from decentralized finance and it refers to financial instruments that are outside of companies’ and governments’ control. Basically, it refers to decentralized applications (DApps), digital assets, smart contracts and protocols built on Ethereum blockchain.  DeFi is all about financial systems allowing when someone deposits a token somewhere to earn yield. What they get back is a token multiplied earning compounded “interest” back into their wallet.

What is Yield Farming?

One of the hottest trends in crypto today is yield farming, which enables investors to earn fixed or variable interest by putting their crypto in a DeFi market. To understand it better, let’s make an analogy. When you make a bank deposit, you actually make a loan that brings you interest in return. Yield farming means lending cryptocurrency for which you get interest. In most of the cases, the coin appreciates very fast and the returns skyrocket.

Liquidity “mining” is coming to proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain

But enough technical talk. Let’s get to the practical aspect of all these technologies. Covid-19 has and will continue to put pressure on rebooting the world’s economic models, ranging from distribution, retail, reaching consumers, employment and re-skilling, and above all, the financial infrastructures of all stakeholders. Governments too are being challenged on the “printing of paper money” versus digital currencies. Currently, central bank digital currencies (CBDC) projects are being piloted or in development stage in several countries like China, Thailand, Singapore, UK, Lithuania, France, Germany, to name but a few.

The US dollar, as a dominant 70% marketshare for all global transactions with a daily $7 Trillion currency of choice, will be diluted over the following years. This is largely due to the control of banks and other treasury based cartels, who stipulate the rules for all banking clients and transactions. This “centralised” financial model is now being challenged by several decentralised finance (DeFi) models, from several blockchain and digital currencies based startups. With the recent announcement of the UK’s adoption of Ripple (XRP) as a currency for cross boarder transactions under the Bank of England’s Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) project, further assures the use of digital currency adoption.

 There are many benefits, for example extremely lower costs of transactions, better return on investment, instant international use cases (for transfers, payments, deposits, withdrawals and loans) and all possible without visiting a single bank or branch to go through the long winded processes and time consuming headaches. For the past few months, several DeFi platforms (or claims to DeFi solutions) are being touted around as the new explosive technology with market cap valuations going as high as 20x overnight for just having any form of DeFi and deposit savings interest based rewards companies. There is one thing that ALL investors like and that is doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their investments. In the digital assets markets, these are some of the ways people invest:

–           Trading on exchanges with various strategies e.g. Buy/Hold (HODL), day trading, use of automated trading BOTs, Options, futures, CFDs with margin etc.

–           Coin Mining via installing server farms or interest in pooled mining

–           Buying into funds and funds of funds that manage crypto investments

–           Brokers and agents who manage the “non-technical” investors whilst eating into their profits via a profit share model

–           Investments into startup Blockchain and crypto projects at the various stages and rounds in their business e.g. for ICOs, IEOs, IPOs, ETOs, IFO and all the new O’s

–           And finally the new trends of yield farming through proof-of-stake based platforms earning rewards through staking the tokens.

The best kept secret in crypto investing

However, the best kept secret for investing safely and virtually guaranteed is the masternode investment and staking way to earn a passive income.

The two ways to benefit from this with Sapian Group and Flash Group are:

1.         Staking on unblocked funds in the wallet. This is for unlocked funds held in the core wallet.

2.         Masternode Rewards for staking against locked funds for a masternode participation of consensus of our PoS Ozeety blockchain. This typically rewards the clients 4X of what the unlocked staking rewards.

Yield farming, as it’s also called, has made companies valuations jump significantly. We at Flash Group and Sapian Group Ltd have recently launched a proven yield farming OZeety platform for masternode staking. Our goal is to take DeFi to another level, beyond just yield farming.

“Our vision of Financial inclusion and beyond will enable clients to be able to enjoy higher levels of return on investments than the vast majority of the investors and funds. We make it possible with the minimal level of funds in their wallets, often even less than what they hold in their own bank accounts earning less than 0.5% per year. Our early adopter ambassador program’s initial clients are already enjoying over 30% p.a. yield from staking and over 300% p.a. on the masternode locked staking rewards,” said Serge Maurice Lobreau, Chairman and Founder of Sapian Group and Flash Group. “And this does NOT even allow for the price to increase from the Gold pegged OZTG coin or the utility of the transactions going up over the next years,” he continued.

OZeety, the new decentralized finance (DeFi) platform from Sapian Group Ltd, is further being redesigned to launch with a governance-coin reward.

“The platform mints the privacy gold-pegged OZTG coin through the OZeety Blockchain platform using proof-of-stake (PoS) and ESHADOW (EEZE) hybrid consensus algorithm, allowing anonymous transactions. The platform has been live since September 2019 with limited transactions from the internal team and selected beta clients from our investors and ambassador program. They have enjoyed returns as mentioned before from the staking rewards of the blocked masternode program and the unblocked OZTG coins in the OZTG core wallet. The rewards are earned on a daily basis with a compounding effect,” commented Mru Patel, Partner and CEO of Sapian Group Ltd and COO of Flash Group Ltd. 

He further explained the current position in detail: “Version 2 of the platform is going live in October 2020, with an upgraded faster transaction speed, blocks processed in less than 30 seconds and transaction speeds of 175 TPS, making it suitable for payment transactions. It will also have a new User interface, user experience and lots more management functionality. We will also launch the mobile version of the core wallet. Imagine seeing your daily increase of OZTG rewards on the mobile. We will also launch a simple cloud based masternode installed service, as well as the existing upgraded version of the personal server core wallet.”

Ozeety for wealth creation

“Ozeety is a true double pronged platform for PoS token holders. The system offers savings accounts for staking with deposits and withdrawals at will, and a locked masternode investment program for the wealth creation clients. We will also be adding additional programs over the following months, including loans on crypto assets for masternode investments, as well as several other products and services like our award winning Flashcryptostations, all-in-one smart biometric card and cold storage, and a fully integrated wallet and exchange. Sapian Group has also pre-launched a subsidiary company, Ollorun Ltd, that sells the pooled masternodes packages and a pioneering medical patented set of products that has the best proven technology of most biotech DNA related range of products. All these wealth and health related packages make it affordable to anyone who wishes to take advantage of this growing yield farming opportunity via our in-house developed network marketing model, with over 50% payouts of all profits to the clients and their network,” commented Serge Maurice Lobréau, Chairman of  Sapian Group and Flash Group,  a licensed company that provides a full digital exchange, e-wallet and financial institution license  regulated in Europe via an Estonian license.

Cryptomonial Engineering for wealth growth

“We’ve been focused from day one of the Sapian Group of companies to create ways in order to earn passive income for our users, in order to grow their wealth through our Cryptomonial engineering model, for unused balances and unused assets,” explained Serge Maurice Lobreau.

“We believe our team has crafted a DeFi system that can produce a predictable rate of return that performs considerably better than the vast majority of all coins/tokens and masternode programs in the market, let alone any savings plans and funds managed by any bank savings accounts.”

Mru Patel, Partner and CEO Sapian Group, and COO Flash Group further clarified the position: “A major differentiator we have is that our coin is pegged with Gold, which is currently at a record market high. We had our coin valued in 2018, when we put the gold asset as collateral to be pegged against, for any market fluctuations or conditions. We are proud to say with the current record pricing in Gold we have more than sufficient assets and can very easily grow the value of our OZTG coin currently at $0.13. However, we intend to do that gradually, whilst increasing our asset base. The bottom-line is that we have locked the systems and the price will never go below the set $0.13 price (on our primary and public exchanges about to launch shortly), and unlike the cryptocurrency market that is extremely volatile, hence all those alt coins staking and masternode programs will be affected accordingly. We see our staking wallet and coin consistently going up in value as time passes. This will be due to its scarcity, independency from crypto markets, the coin’s currency strategy secured with gold pegging, a secondary strategy as a utility model increasing via our community of already over 20,000 people awaiting to start using the coin and several other reasons.

“With the overwhelming start we have had, the trends so far show that we are on the right path. We have added a liquidity mining element with a world’s first Flash Cryptostation concept store in Luxembourg, a fully functional mobile wallet (Flash Wallet) and exchange (FlashXchanger) with crypto trading, options and FX capabilities that should bolster those utility based transactions and returns for our yield farming staking clients. We believe we have the full range of DLT, as well as DeFi based proven solution that we do not see any other company having in its own ecosystem. We are on route to creating a system and platform beyond DeFi and a multi-ecosystem model,” Mru Patel continued.

OZeety leadership in wealth creation

The majority of staking coin operators hardly return more than 5% – 20% p.a., depending on the coin. “Our technology and Coin is our own proprietary platform, coupled with a centralised exchange, integrated wallet that is capable of staking on unblocked balances, as well as masternode rewards and blocked coins. However, another major advantage we have is we are the only coin that is pegged with Gold, offering most parts of the clients’ problems with a solution on a platform from a single organisation with liquidity. We don’t believe anyone offers such levels of staking rewards and security of the investment. A real game changer. This really is the frontier! We truly believe in our mantras: Financial Inclusion and beyond for Flash Group, and Cryptomonial Engineering for Sapian Group,” Patel concluded.

Sapian Group : www.sapiangroup.com

Flash Group: www.flashmoni.com

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