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Welcome back to your weekly dose of crypto and web3 slang and jargon. In part 1 we learned about our DAOs and our DeFis and in part 2 we learned about our Wallets and AMAs.

This week we’ve brought some leaders in the space in to talk about their favourite words. We spoke to Mila Wild, marketing lead for ChangeHero, Trey Smith, CEO and founder of, Charlton Haupt, CEO of Bad Astro Society and Jeff French, Creator of Blokpax.

Web3 and crypto slang and jargon

1. Ape or apeing

This is a popular one amongst our leaders with both Mila Wild and Trey Smith naming it as some of their favourite web3 slang.

“An ape is someone who heavily invests into a cryptocurrency without much thinking or analysis, usually as a result of FOMO. It can also refer to the action of doing so, e.g. to ape into something” Trey told Blockleaders.

“Apeing” Mila explains, “means that a crypto trader buys a token shortly after the token project launch without conducting thorough research, as they don’t want to miss potential gains. This ‘low IQ’ approach to selecting tokens to buy is what gives apeing its name.”

Why do they like it?

“I’ve always found this term funny because it immediately makes me think of the monkey in Homer Simpson’s brain hitting the cymbal”, says Trey.

Mila says “I love it, as it perfectly describes the irrationality of some investor's behavior, who associate crypto only with big gains. The term became popular during the 2020 "DeFi Summer" when the sudden and unannounced token project launches led to a small proportion of traders making significant profits from buying those project tokens within a short time.”

Fun fact: the term use of the term ape in the web3 space originated through the ‘apes together strong’ meme.

See also: degen.

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“Buidl is my favorite term. It takes the word ‘build’ and adds a web3 twist reminiscent of ‘hodl’.” says Charlton Haupt.

For HODL see below.

4. CEX

This means centralized exchange. This is another one of Trey’s favourites.

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“I like the sound of it. I behave like I’m 12 sometimes.” he admits.

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Jeff French has one solid favourite. And has a good reason for it too.

"I’d have to say DYOR. It stands for “Do Your Own Research” and it gets thrown around all the time but it is often ignored as people just jump into whatever crypto asset is moving up the charts. If people truly stop to DYOR you would realize there are some amazing innovations happening right before your eyes and the entire Web3 space would be so much healthier. And no, buying what some influencer tweets out is not “research."

Mila agrees.

“It's excellent advice for every crypto newbie. As you should make a proper investigation before making a decision on a purchase.”


This is a backronym rather than an acronym, meaning that it was given a meaning after the fact. HODL stands for ‘hold on for dear life’.

“Someone somewhere made a typo and it just, funnily enough, stuck to this day; we also have HODLER and BUIDL thanks to this beauty” says Trey Smith.

“It’s not very clever, it’s just hilarious to me how everyone now makes it a point to deliberately say HODL instead of hold, myself included. Why? I really couldn’t tell you.”

See above for BUIDL.

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7. Moon

‘To the moon’ is a term used in crypto to describe when the price of a coin or NFT skyrockets. It is also called ‘mooning’.

Mila says “For me, mooning is not only about the fast-growing coins, it’s the power of crypto to lead us to a bright future.”

Similarly ‘moonboy’ refers to someone who is not rational and has blind faith in a coin/NFT project no matter what and bashes anyone who doesn’t think the same.