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NFT Classics Society will release the Cobbett Stradivarius Violin NFT collection on June 20 in conjunction with NFT.NYC, the world’s leading annual non-fungible token conference. Melding the images of a violin made in 1683 in Cremona by Antonio Stradivari, the “Cobbett,” with a performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Chaconne on the violin, the Cobbett NFT collection is the first Stradivarius NFT created with original sound and visuals. AI Network and Sejong Soloists, an internationally acclaimed chamber orchestra, partnered on the project, which features Stephen Kim, Sejong Soloists’ violinist and third prize winner of the 2019 Queen Elisabeth Competition, performing on the Cobbett.

The Cobbett Stradivarius NFTs are offered in three tiers. The first tier, Maestro, is video art created from 360-degree photographs of the violin and the 14-minute Bach Chaconne performance. Six-time Grammy winning recording producer and engineer Da-Hong Seetoo produced the recording, and John Kringas photographed the instrument. The Maestro NFT includes two VIP tickets to Sejong Soloists’ concerts for one year.

The second tier, Virtuoso, is a series of 31 unique NFTs featuring the original artwork of acclaimed South Korean digital artists Sho Jang and Sangeun Won with the Cobbett motif. For the music, Kim’s original recording has been segmented by AI generating 15 to 30 second excerpts.

The third tier, Prodigy, consists of 93 unique NFTs. The images are 3D generative art derived by AI from the Cobbett Stradivarius photographs. Each NFT features AI sound models developed by Poza Labs, an AI music company in South Korea, from an analysis of Bach’s Chaconne. Through the artificial intelligence model used in the area of natural language processing (NLP), it is possible to create various versions of violin performances by automating the composition process. In addition, by post-processing the characteristics of the Stradivari violin, AI performance was ultimately created. Virtuosos and Prodigies will each include two tickets to Sejong Soloists’ performances at the Lotte Concert Hall in Seoul on August 31, 2022, or Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center on March 7, 2023.

Beginning on June 20, the first tier will go on auction and the second and third tiers will be available for purchase at OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace.

“Sejong Soloists is exploring possibilities in the metaverse and NFTs as there are expanded creative opportunities beyond transporting real-world experiences to online. Partnering with AI companies, we are seeking ways to incorporate today’s newest technologies into classical music,” said Sejong Soloists Executive Director Kyung Kang.

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Sejong Soloists first ventured into the metaverse in August 2021 with a series of events and performances that were part of its annual Hic et Nunc! Festival in South Korea, where they serve as ensemble-in-residence. The events appeared on Gather, a popular virtual meeting place, in what was possibly the first classical artists’ space in the metaverse.

NFT Classics Society will exhibit the digital art at NFT.NYC and Soul Night, a four-day NFT.NYC event drawing key players and enthusiasts of NFTs, AI and art, hosted by Aeon Studio and AI Network.

The offerings have been made available with the support of POZA Labs, The Only Moments and Rare Violins of New York.

Follow the NFT Classics Society on Twitter (@nftclassic_soc) or Discord. For more information on the Cobbett NFT and the NFT Classics Society, visit