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Today Worldwide Asset eXchange ™ (WAX) announces the addition of the nine members to the roster for the WAX Advisory Council, an organization that brings together the greatest minds in tech, video gaming, entertainment, and other relevant industries to accelerate the adoption of WAX Blockchain technology.

Who are the WAX Advisory Council members?

WAX Advisory Council members are leaders from prestigious global companies and include: 

  • Frederic Chesnais - CEO, Atari
  • Peter DeBenedictis - Chief Marketing Officer Middle East & Africa, Microsoft
  • Kurt Hollowell - Senior Engineer and Interaction Designer, Magic Leap
  • Elan Lee - CEO, Exploding Kittens
  • Jay Ong - Executive Vice President & Head of Marvel Games, Marvel
  • William Shatner - Actor, Star Trek's Captain Kirk & more
  • Yat Siu - Founder and Chairman, Animoca Brands
  • Rich Widmann - Product Counsel, Google
  • Rui Zhang - Vice President, gumi Inc.

What do WAX Advisory Council members do?

WAX Advisory Council members offer recommendations and guidance to the WAX Team that’s relevant to their area of expertise, and identify potential requirements, roadblocks and solutions for blockchain to be incorporated into their business and products. 

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Why did WAX create the Advisory Council?

Blockchain is a nascent technology and while the video gaming space has been much quicker to adopt blockchain technology than other industries have, blockchain still has yet to find a stronghold in video gaming and entertainment.

The WAX Advisory Council aims to fix this by:

  • Aligning the WAX roadmap with input from council members, who are leaders and experts in their industries
  • Working with council members to drive the adoption of WAX Blockchain technology in their business and products

WAX is well-known in the blockchain space for developing unique solutions for solving problems experienced in the blockchain space including creating the first Office of the Inspector General for evaluating WAX Guild Candidates’ contributions to the ecosystem, the WAX Labs worker proposal system for funding projects that grow the ecosystem, an effective governance model to drive voter participation, a mass-adoption friendly wallet, and more. 

About WAX: 

WAX is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell and trade virtual items - to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Hundreds of millions of people around the globe already trade digital and physical items. But the problems that plague the digital goods and trading community have stunted its growth far beneath its full potential.

WAX has created a full suite of blockchain-based tools that allows anyone to trade digital or even physical items instantly and securely, to anyone, anywhere.

Participants of the Worldwide Asset eXchange gain access to a global community of collectors and traders, buyers and sellers, creators and gamers, merchants, dApp creators, and game developers. For more information, please visit, and follow along on Twitterand Telegram.