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The new editorial project “The NFT Magazine” has announced that Hackatao will design the cover of the first issue of the magazine, the first one to be read and collected on Ethereum.

The public sale of the first drop is scheduled today on November 2 on OpenSea at 8 pm CET for 0.05 ETH.

About Hackatao

Born in Milan in 2007, the duo took its first steps in the Italian market with a pop-surrealist style, reminiscent of the works of Murakami and Warhol.

The protagonists of their works are the Podmork, totemic creatures that are at the centre of their artistic production.

In 2018, the digital turning point: their first NFT work “Girl Next Door”, a GIF minted and dropped on SuperRare kicked off a real rise for the Italian duo.

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Their latest drop, just a few days ago, sold for a whopping 100 Ethereum, while other works of theirs have also set staggering records, being worth up to 250 ETH.

Today, Hackatao have an extraordinary success story behind them: not only sales of more than 27 million dollars, but also collaborations with auction houses of the calibre of Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

How does The NFT Magazine work

Today we also revealed the contents that readers will find inside the magazine: not only the cover and an exclusive interview with Hackatao themselves, but also a detailed analysis of market trends and platforms; a top 20 of the best crypto artists, the NFT projects of Bluechip artists, the 20 best female artists and much more.

The first drop of the magazine will also have a limited edition of only 500 copies, which will be put on sale for a limited time of one week only.

Unsold copies will also be burned to ensure the rarity of NFTs. The release date is set for November 2 at 8 pm CET on OpenSea.