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X8 AG. (X8) in preparation for the launch of its crypto X8currency stable coin, X8 is planning to have their common shares apply for listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) with cross listings planned for the Open Market Segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) in Germany and the Over the Counter Market (OTC) in the USA.

X8 AG has selected Listing Partners Sarl, as exclusive financial advisors in connection with the listings.

Listing Partners will be advisors and underwriters to X8 in a contemplated pre-listing offering of common shares through syndication of the issue to its underwriting group. In addition, as part of the Listing Partners group’s international affiliations, Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd. has been engaged to provide listing services to assist X8 with the listing process on the CSE, FSE and the OTC.

As part of the listing process, X8 is required to have prepared a non-offering prospectus for submission to the securities regulators for review and approval. Should the prospectus clear the approval process an application to list the X8 common shares on the CSE will be submitted for listing approval. Once the CSE listing is granted, submission of application to cross list on the FSE and OTC is planned for.

Gregor Koželj, CEO of X8 said today: “Currently, there are no other stable coin projects listed on a regulated stock exchange. We believe this exclusive position will boost X8’s visibility to the forefront along with gaining significant recognition and access to the capital markets.” He added “Simultaneously X8 AG is applying to have the X8currency stable coin authorized by the Swiss Financial Regulator, FINMA”.

The public listing of X8 AG is expected to allow capital market investors the rare opportunity to invest directly into a stable coin development project that management believes could have a global long-term vision. The X8currency stable coin work in progress is a value preservation digital currency payment instrument that is expected to challenge the established tokenized payment instruments with a cutting edge fintech of its own.

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About X8 AG

Established in 2018 and headquartered in Switzerland, X8 AG intends to provide global digital cross-border payment instrument solutions that are cost-efficient and reliable. The company successfully launched its Initial Coin Offering of the X8X utility token. Currently, X8 is preparing to launch its X8currency stable coin as a digital currency by way of its application to FINMA which upon approval would award X8 to move forward with its market operations under a regulatory Sandbox regime and to further apply for a Fintech license (banking license light) as a result. The Regulatory Sandbox regime allows Swiss companies to accept deposits of up to 1 million CHF as a stable coin issuer, while the Swiss Fintech license would allow the company to accept deposits of up to 100 million CHF as a bank, which such deposits could be in the form of the X8currency and assets backing the stable coin units.


About Listing Partners Sarl and the Listing Partners Ltd group of Companies.

Listing Partners is an international, boutique investment firm operating within the capital markets ecosystem. Their focus is on creating and managing the going public plan for companies by working with top management for successful listing and financing. Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd. is a member of the Listing Partners Group of Companies. It has been successfully assisting small and medium-sized companies in the listing process and raising funds since 1998. Their experience and know-how lead their clients through every aspect of going public, primarily on the Canadian Stock Exchange, which often results in cross listing opportunities in other international markets.

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For More Information about X8 contact: Gregor Koželj,