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A simple software solution is available to get SMEs online in minutes — Free of Charge

Retail businesses are under severe pressure from the COVID-19 crisis, they can now sign up to a simple online tool to sell online vouchers for future purchases in just a few short clicks.

This allows supporters and customers of retail businesses to buy vouchers immediately which can be redeemed throughout the crisis, providing cash flow now for products and services in the future. Retailers can choose to promote or discount the vouchers to bring in revenue now which can see them over this critical challenge.

“If you are a small retail business you most certainly may have an online presence, but you may not have an eCommerce solution or indeed any online way to sell vouchers for future goods,” says Adam Bouktila, of Europechain.

“Our GiftVoucher system is easy-to-use: retail outlets create their account, add their business logo the system provides them with a secure e-commerce page which they can direct their customers to from all their online channels. To support our SMEs during this global pandemic, we are offering our service Free of Charge for the next 90 days–in hopes that the platform will generate some much-needed cash flow to keep the SMEs afloat.”

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The voucher system includes a sales dashboard with real-time sales, drill-down monthly reports and an ability to forecast incoming redemptions. The system can also be used to track performance, redemption and refund ratios.

The platform was developed by eosDublin and is powered by Europechain, which offers a level of trust needed to ensure users and their customer’s funds are safe and secure.

In 2019 the team linked up with Europechain and the Restaurants Association of Ireland to deliver an all-Ireland voucher that can be redeemed at any of the 3000+ members of the RAI. It is a world-first — a universal voucher platform powered by Blockchain technology.

Businesses around the globe are being forced to adapt their business model or risk closure, the system is a tool that can be deployed today to help them in that fight.

For more information — visit the website