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Hosts online webinar on April 11 with international speakers and Virtual Reality hangout

The Free Republic of Liberland is celebrating its 5th Anniversary on April 13, 2020. Originally, the Republic had planned a full two-day conference but due to COVID19 this has been migrated to an online webinar with a Virtual Reality (VR) experience.

President Vit Jedlička will open proceedings and outline the achievements made by Liberland, its officers and citizens over 2019. He says: “While we are now in the middle of a global pandemic, we want to do three things. The first is to celebrate the achievements we have made as a community over the past five years. Secondly, we are actively working to fight the pandemic in our neighbouring countries and all proceeds from the online webinar will be donated to the Liberland Aid Foundation to provide immediate assistance in terms of providing protective equipment and medical equipment. 

“Finally, we want to use the day to look forward to our ambitious plans for Liberland in the future.”

An active component of the one-day event will be the ability to hang out in the Virtual Embassy in the Virtual Reality platform of Somnium Space. 

Speakers include John Dalli, former EU Commission, David Friedman, legal scholar talking on the issue of Government, debating the pros and cons, Joseph McKinney, from the Startup Society Foundation, Roger Ver on the topic of Cryptocurrencies as a solution for Big Government and Michael Carbonara on modern Liberland Banking.

Local officer Vanya Czar will talk about the Liberland Free Zone while Saro McKenna from Ghostbusters will speak about Liberland Blockchain Governance. Daniel Dabek, founder of SafeX, will talk on a decentralised market based on Monero.

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Other speakers include Vojtěch Roček, organiser of CoroVent, Pavol Luptak, founder of Paraelni Polis, Naomi Seibt, climate and reason activist, and Nik Halik, astronaut and documentary maker. Finally, Vítězslav Kremlík, author of the Guide to Climate Apocalypse will speak to fear-mongering leading to totalitarianism.

The Conference takes place on Saturday 11 April via the GoToMeeting platform and during the break participants can hang out at Liberland’s VR embassy in Somnium Space. Tickets cost $20 and can be purchased the website

Liberland is stepping up to the mark by sourcing medical elements needed in the fight against Corona virus or COVID-19. As the pandemic sweeps across the world, the government of Liberland is working to source masks, tests and even ventilators for use to stop the virus.

President Jedlička has suppliers in China that can ship the required medical devices to the Czech Republic, Serbia or Croatia. He is talking to relevant government departments in the three countries to see if these contacts are needed. It is also his intention to distribute for free a percentage of the order once confirmed.

‘In these times we all need to pull together,” he said. “To that end we have put together a website where we can share news and help each other. There are articles on DIY approaches to staying safe as well as myth busters. We are concerned that national governments are not taking this pandemic seriously. We want to help our Liberlandians wherever they are based.”

The website is at

The Free Republic of Liberland is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia. Liberland is a constitutional republic with elements of direct democracy. The state has two Vice Presidents and five Ministers. The language is English. The liberland Merit is the currency of Liberland. The country’s motto is: To live and let live.