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The Crypto Trading Simulator has been launched by The Blockchain Academy (TBA). This Rolls Royce of Crypto Trading Simulators is based on Tier 1 Investment Bank Trading simulation models and is far superior to any other crypto trading simulator models available today. 

It captures four distinct trading environments including Live Feed, Increasing Scenario, Decreasing Scenario and Volatile Scenario.

Commenting on the product, long term trainer, model simulator and Executive Director of TBA, Ryan Williams says:

“Our sophisticated Crypto Trading Simulator allows users to work in teams and compete against individuals and other teams; just as in the Capital Markets where institutional investors and wealth managers work as a team of analysts and traders.

“It replicates professional platforms and includes trader metrics, profitability, value, risk reporting, extremes and analysis; basically everything a professional trader would expect.”

In the Live Feed environment up to 12 Cryptos are simulated at once, with updates every 5 seconds.

The highlighted indicators include Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Oscillator, Ichimoku Cloud, Relative Strength Index and MACD – in fact there are a total of 58 Indicators available in total.

“Crypto trading is not for the faint of heart, but funds, large and small, are starting to add Crypto to their investment portfolios. Established companies and investors look to new graduates to be the experts on all things Crypto. 

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I love how the Crypto Trading Simulator lets my students learn by doing. Students can practice their trading skills while learning about diversification strategies and how Crypto markets respond to news and the latest memes! It allows them to do and learn on their own and internalize these concepts, which is so much better than a lecture or reading.” Christianson, J.Scott, University of Missouri

“ provides a platform for the development of analytical skills and forecasting techniques necessary to be successful in the cryptocurrency market. Students at the University of Cincinnati will significantly benefit from our partnership with The Blockchain Academy.” Michael Jones, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati.

In terms of rollout, TBA is looking at three distinct avenues.

The first is to target Exchanges and offer software licenses designed to assist Exchanges to gain users and to educate them at the same time. Licensing agreements from TBA include white-label branding, domain mapping, technical support, maintenance, and feature improvements. 

The next route is via universities where TBA is already well established with links to more than 300 educational institutions worldwide. For connected universities, it is possible to provide siloed faculty software licensing at no fee for the remainder of the year, and allow students to not only use the platform but also compete in trading competitions.

Finally, TBA will run monthly competitions which will be free for individuals to attend. Monthly prizes here will be sponsored by TBA, the Blockchain Certification Association, and industry partners in the form of scholarship, up to $4,000 for individuals and $25,000 for University Teams to build on-campus blockchain labs. .

About The Blockchain Academy

The Blockchain Academy offers both live and online video based programs, delivered by industry experts, on the role of blockchain, its impact on central banks, financial institutions, trade finance, settlement, smart contracts, IP as well as blockchain developer education. 

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