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Introducing a Cutting-edge, Play-to-Earn Metaverse Coming in 2022

High-performance blockchain Zilliqa is launching ‘Metapolis’, a highly immersive, Play-to-Earn metaverse in January 2022. It will be the first layer-1 protocol to do so.

Metapolis, whose suffix means ‘city’ in Greek, is designed as an extended reality Metaverse and is powered by Zilliqa’s scalable and secure blockchain platform. Metapolis will allow custom-designed domes as part of cities that can house brands, artists, concepts, games, e-stores, real estate or other digital experiences. This offers a new layer of engagement for both the physical and digital worlds.

Dr. Ben Livshits, CEO, Zilliqa said: “The metaverse isn’t about replacing reality. It is about bettering our relationship with the digital world. Beyond the sharing-culture that social media has unleashed, this world looks at reducing the gaps present in our ‘real’ economy — gaps around access to value creation and fair pay. It will add layers of interaction to professional and personal lives — with shared value and incentive-driven models at its heart. Metapolis is building such a world, and we’re very proud of it.”

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NFT enthusiasts will delight as users can acquire fully customizable avatars on arrival in Metapolis.The avatar will represent their digital identity in which users will be able to complete actions such as attending concerts and fashion shows, teleporting between cities and individual domes and accessing curated and open galleries and showrooms to buy, sell or trade digital assets.

Metapolis has been built for all and to accommodate a range of user-friendly functionalities for those in and outside the crypto domain. Accessible through personalised handles like social media platforms, its capabilities to integrate social media, e-commerce, mobile and web will create a seamless UX for crypto newbies and an imaginative new customer journey for brands seeking a disruptive new way of engagement. Metapolis will be the first platform of its kind to offer personalisation capabilities and API integration to this degree.

Sandra Helou, Head of Metaverse and NFT, Zilliqa said: “Diversification, innovation and the use of digital assets are all part of Web 3.0. If you add to that an ‘always-on’ layer of engagement to make it borderless and accessible, you start to see the fabric of the Metaverse being woven together. Now is the time to unlock these new layers of engagement for your customers and followers. If you haven’t already ventured into NFTs and the Metaverse, we can help you understand what that marketing strategy could look like and how it can bring value. As we lead the charge on the creator economy, Zilliqa is well equipped to support you — from conceptualisation to execution.”