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As arguably the most popular graphic novels from Japan, Manga has spread its creative wings throughout the world and nowadays outsells american comics. Manga as a word is a combination of kanji meaning 'whimsical or impromptu' and ga meaning 'pictures. Two words which also fit nicely into the world of NFTs.

This leads us to the Crypto Manga Club which has recently sold its first set of CryptoManga Shells and has big plans on how these shell as NFTs can be utilised in an innovative play-to-earn game that bridges DeFi, NFTs and grassroot player engagement. 

What is CryptoManga?

CryptoManga is a collection of 5555 unique, digital pseudonymous shells existing within the Deathless City – a post-civilization heterotopia where power structures have become nomadic and deterritorial. 950 CryptoManga Shells have been sold so far. Each CryptoManga shell (NFT) has their own story waiting to unfold, and which is unique to the NFT used to generate them via a deep learning-based language model. These shells take on a life of their own in a dedicated play-to-earn game called the DarkBattle. Taking place 99 years after the end of civilization the shells fight to maintain the Deathless City and the pursuit towards privacy.

"For me, CryptoManga is an experimental field for a new generation of game mechanics based on NFTs. Thanks to the team with years of experience working with DeFi and NFT (before it was cool). It is therefore one of the first projects that can combine the superpowers of NFT and DeFi in a seamless and fun way.

CryptoManga is important to the future of P2E gaming because it is a unique project that builds on the existing manga subculture - the manga illustration style of the 90s," says Lili, Founder of Crypto Manga Club.

The Shells

CryptoManga shells will be accessible via the player’s unique Cabinet, where Skill and Combat EXP will be displayed and developed over the course of the Training Season. Every shell comes with two types of traits: absolute and dynamic.

The absolute traits (properties on OpenSea) are those that match the visual representation of the shells, such as body, expression, head, place, tattoo, and wear. The rarity of absolute traits is represented as percentages. In some cases, the rarity of the traits will help determine the score of the dynamic traits.

The DarkBattle

Players of the DarkBattle do not need to download the game app, instead it is woven into Twitter encourages users of the social platform to dive into the world of Play to Earn. If you know how to tweet you know how to play DarkBattle.

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DarkBattle is set in a futuristic dystopia called the Deathless City, where freedom is the only currency that matters. Through the pursuit of privacy, citizens of the Deathless City are encouraged to collect shells.

The goal at the beginning is to obtain as many shells as possible through drops. Once anyone acquires a shell they are permitted to enter the Deathless City.

"We are building a world within the world using the materials and references that are nostalgic for many of us. What we are building is not just another NFT project but an NFT project with a soul. In addition, we plan to develop the game mechanics associated with the incentive mechanism in the game, which is both self-sustaining, community-driven and fun."

Training for DarkBattle at the HyperHuman Academy

As the DarkBattle looms, the legendary HyperHuman Academy invites independent shells to train and upgrade their physical combat and knowledge systems. In the limited period that its doors are open, The Academy is the only place where shells can be trained and have their dynamic EXP powers enhanced. Put simply, absence from the Academy renders survival near impossible.

Participating shells will receive their Combat and Skill EXp and will receive $FORCE airdrop as part of the reward for participation.The Crypto Manga Club will decide on the details of each training session.

When is the next drop?

The second drop will take place soon. To participate in the drop users can engage with DarkBattle via social channels and own at least 1 CryptoManga Shell which can be found on OpenSea

Who is eligible for the $FORCE airdrop?

The $FORCE airdrop is exclusively for in-game participants who own at least one CryptoManga shell. The airdrop rewards those who play early and regularly. $FORCE tokens will be streamed to players over the course of 14 days, beginning on the first day of the Training Season.