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Creates an attention marketplace to democratize wealth creation

Fyooz, a revolutionary global marketplace for human attention, launches today, with the placement of the Riklin Brothers’ Ten Commandments Vol 2 near Paradeplatz, in the heart of Zurich. As the world reconfigures, Fyooz offers humanity the potential to generate wealth from one of its most natural resources - attention. For the first time ever, Fyooz allows followers to invest in what they love and stars to invest in their audiences. Fyooz is a mutually beneficial marketplace for all participants.

Fyooz has secured over CHF2 million in the last sixty days from investors who are excited about the Fyooz vision to democratize wealth. The first token available on the Fyooz marketplace will represent the concept artwork, the ‘Ten Commandments Vol 2’, which can be acquired using BTC or ETH.

The Ten Commandments Vol.2 arriving as a chain of blocks, to the Paradeplatz (the heart of the financial district) in Zurich today.

The Ten Commandments Vol.2 arriving as a chain of blocks, to the Paradeplatz (the heart of the financial district) in Zurich today.

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Stars garner millions of followers, but the medium doesn’t provide for any exchange of value. Until now, people have been giving away their attention for free.Now, Fyooz commoditizes and transforms human attention into an economic good with a measurable monetary value that can be bought and sold.Fyooz is a platform where stars, celebrities, idols, talents, causes and more can be tokenized. These tokens, called Star tokens, can be bought on the Fyooz marketplace allowing fans, followers, and supporters to participate in and engage with their favourite stars. The stars, on the other hand, can bind their supporters closer to themselves, generating more attention, raising money, and potentially increasing their market value on the Fyooz marketplace. 

Remo Prinz, Co-founder of Fyooz said at today’s launch, ‘this is the ‘opening bell’ for a new type of marketplace, one where people no longer give away their attention and get nothing in return. In an economy where attention is scarce and time is the new currency, we have to connect our interest and our attention with the idea of wealth creation. Fyooz makes attention a tradeable commodity. Over the coming weeks and months, we will bring opportunities for fans to invest in a wide array of passions, including sports, music, film, charities, brands, events – you name it, as the sky is the limit in this new era and we are really excited to see this new investment paradigm take off.’

The Fyooz global team combines a depth of expertise in the areas of sports, film and music, with proven expertise in fintech and accelerating start-ups to business success.