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Europechain, the European-compliant, high performing blockchain launched today with the ambition to power businesses around the world to be EU compliant, ensuring that data is an asset rather than a liability. Data breaches and lack of EU compliance are detrimental to business, as epitomised by the recent British Airways breach which resulted in a £183m fine.

Europechain powers GDPR compliance by re-engineering how enterprise systems are architected, changing how personal data is stored, giving ownership and access permissions back to the user and enabling them to invoke their data protection rights in accordance with GDPR legislation. This removes the risk and fear of costly breaches and transforms the data needed for business back into an asset rather than the liability that data has become today.

Europechain delivers a high performance platform which focuses on data privacy and GDPR compliance bringing a new solution to enterprises and start-ups which need to trade in the EU. Until now, the worry has been that blockchain, with its immutable nature, is an anathema to GDPR compliance. Europechain solves this problem and is available for businesses around the world to adopt a new standard and approach to ensure compliance with EU regulations.

Due to the decentralised architecture, best in class encryption standards and high performance of Europechain, users will no longer need to store their client data in centralised, at risk databases.

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Speaking at today’s launch, Rhett Oudkerk Pool, CEO Europechain said, “Europechain offers a solution to re-engineer enterprise personal data storage. We offer a corporate, trusted solution built upon next generation blockchain technology which is operated and hosted in a decentralised trusted manner."

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