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This has to be the shortest elevator pitch in this recent history of web3 metaverses. Highrise World aims to take on the giants of the metaverse with a better ‘go to market offering’ according to co founder and CEO Anton Bernstein. This new metaverse has actually been around since 2013 in various forms and is now morphing into a full Web3 experience.

The evolving names admittedly are a little confusing but let me try and break it down. Pocket Worlds is the company that developed Highrise the app. There are 2million monthly users of which more than 77% are women. The app game is popular internationally and funnily enough each region tends to dress their avatars according to local custom.

Highrise World (built on Immutable X layer 2 protocol) is the new blockchain incarnation and Highrise 101 Tower will be the first highrise tower. There is also another app, Everskies, think reddit with pixelated dolls, taking the second tower. Plus there is a 11,111 collection of Highrise creature club NFTs where ownership of these NFTs will allow holder to purchase land in Creature Island.

Ok that bit is a little confusing but Bernstein says it’ll be ironed out in time. There are some pretty impressive aspects. All the content is user generated. There are currently many rooms which are populated by lots of avatars doing things like singing, looking for tips, playing squid-like games and playing bingo. A quick demo of the apps shows these rooms are really busy with people spending on average 90 minutes on each visit – now that’s sticky.

There is a legacy in-game currency, appropriately called gold. There is a secondary marketplace outside of the game called the Blackmarket where digital items are traded (currently around $25 million in transactions). More land sales are promised where owners can build – and monetise – their investments. There is also tokenomics with Bernstine kneedeep in conversations with VCs.

Interesting point – the company raised $10 million but since it is profitable, they have not touched that capital – how very unWeb3.

Finally, let’s go back to the elevator pitch.

Discord – where a community messages. Reddit – where a community hosts forums. Highrise – where a community comes together to enjoy a more immersive, interactive experience.

That’s Highrise in a nutshell.

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Regular information follows:

Pocket Worlds Invites Communities to Build Self-Governing Metaverses in Highrise World, Alongside its First LAND Sale, Set for April 27

The web3 economy enables the birth of a community-owned digital nation for citizens, creators and landlords and brings true digital ownership to the next 100 million people

Highrise developer Pocket Worlds announces the launch of Highrise World, a community-owned digital nation that uses blockchain technology to create a world that is owned by its users. The platform invites communities to build their own Highrise metaverses within Highrise World as a place for users to earn rewards by designing environments, host experiences, create virtual goods, and participate in play-and-earn events.

What began as a social game in 2015 has evolved into one of the largest digital nations on the Internet with two million monthly users. Every day, Highrise users create rooms, style avatars, host experiences, trade collectibles, connect with others, and more. Now, as its economy evolves into web3, Highrise will be known as the Highrise 101 tower. The Highrise World will then expand to include Highrise 101 and multiple self-governed towers. The first new tower will be launched in partnership with Everskies, a pixel doll community also operated by Pocket Worlds. The Highrise launchpad will also empower creative developers and individuals to launch NFT-oriented projects that can be used in a fully featured metaverse.

Today, Highrise World shares information on its first LAND sale, available exclusively for purchase by Highrise Creature Club NFT holders. This sale will offer 11,111 ERC-721 LAND parcels on the Ethereum blockchain that compose an island called Creature Island. The Creature Island LAND sale begins April 27 at 9 a.m. PST at Landowners will be able to build and brand their own nations, cultivate a rich and unique identity by creating experiences, build, rent and give away rooms, earn an income and profit, and govern and rule.

“Highrise World is a true metaverse built by its users,” said Anton Bernstein, co-founder and CEO of Pocket Worlds. “We’re giving our community members, brands and other community leaders the ability to become landowners in a decentralized space with actual user engagement. Owners will be able to choose how to customize, ghiovern and monetize their Highrise, providing a never-before-seen capacity for income.”

As Highrise World expands, three different parcel types will exist on the map: LAND, individual parcels on which landowners can create their own tower and determine how to distribute rooms to their community; ESTATE, larger domains composed of multiple LAND parcels owned by a single user that will offer more customizability, richer experiences, and higher revenue shares with the platform; and DISTRICT, larger domains composed of multiple LAND parcels owned by multiple users. Districts can be governed as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), complete with governance tools that allow owners to make key district decisions. By owning more connected LAND in the form of ESTATES and DISTRICTS, users will have more opportunities to design complex systems for gaming, social, and creative experiences. As Highrise World evolves, Pocket Worlds has future plans to introduce its native currency, the Highrise World Token, a Highrise Gamemaker for the community to develop its own experiences in Highrise World, the Highrise Marketplace and Highrise Assets, enabling users to make their own NFTs that can be traded in the marketplace.

Current Highrise Creature Club NFT holders can join the whitelist for the first LAND sale via this form. Those who don’t own a Creature can purchase one on the Immutable X Marketplace. To learn more about Highrise World and visit Creature Island, visit