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COSIMO Ventures and SORS Digital Assets have invested into Black Manta Capital Partners’ Holding Company in Luxembourg. The partnership and reach of the three firms is truly global — spanning from America, to Europe, to Asia. All three partners are committed to deliver on the promise of blockchain to all classes of investors in all major financial markets in the world.

Connor Cantwell, COSIMO Ventures, Europe Partner: “We have been really impressed by the Black Manta team, their domain expertise, and their innovative and game-changing mindset. They are deeply immersed in the world of tokenization, and their Bafin regulated platform is a welcome addition for investors, and opens up a new source of capital for a wide range of businesses. The scope of the opportunity they are addressing is global, and they are uniquely placed to deliver another step in the continued penetration of distributed ledger technology into financial services. The COSIMO X investment in Black Manta is an exciting development and aligns squarely with our blockchain and deep tech investment focus.”

Stephen Browne, Chief Operating Officer Sors Digital Assets: “ The financial world has been upended over the past decade. Banks are being disintermediated from their customers by fintech companies, new infrastructure technologies are lowering the barrier to entry for non-fintechs, and a wave of exciting companies are rising up to tackle complex and meaningful problems.

"Part of this process of disintermediation has been the advent of blockchain finance, tokenized securities and security tokens. At Sors Digital Assets we understand that Black Manta operates at the very top of the growing security token waterfall. Regulated by BaFin, the strongest financial regulatory authority in Europe, with an explicit license in digital securities, Black Manta is the key player in the financial and technological growth of the tokenized securities market.

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"With this investment Sors Digital Assets can offer Black Manta’s platform to the growing numbers of market entrants globally. We believe Black Manta is destined to be an iconic company. Black Manta will be the leading provider for tokenized securities and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with this all-star team to realize the dream of making tokenized securities more accessible to everyone.”

Christian Platzer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner BMCP: “COSIMO X is one of the first digitally securitized venture capital funds in the world. They invest in blockchain, digital banking platforms, machine learning, and digital assets. In one sentence: They understand our ecosystems. With Brian Elders being both the Founder of Sors Digital Assets and a Partner at BMCP this was a logical step. Together the three of us can truly operate on a global scale.”

ABOUT COSIMO Ventures — COSIMO Ventures is an investment firm focused on transforming promising deep technology companies into global industry leaders. With offices in Boston and Dublin, COSIMO Ventures invests primarily in Blockchain but also in related sectors including digital currencies, AI, AR and Data Analytics.

ABOUT COSIMO X — COSIMO X is a digitally securitized venture capital fund that invests in blockchain protocols, digital banking platforms, machine learning, and digital assets. The first round of funding is currently open to institutions, international investors, and US accredited investors. COSIMO X tokens represent indirect limited partnership interest in the Fund and are fully SEC compliant under Regulation D, Rule 506 ©. Tokens can be purchased, and more information can be found at

ABOUT SORS Digital Assets — Sors Digital Assets is a Web 3.0 financial services and consulting platform for the digital asset industry. Founded by a mix of bankers, lawyers and technologists, Sors Digital Assets provides a one-stop destination for companies, institutions and funds to take advantage of the benefits of asset tokenization.