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One broker that adheres to trading principles and ensures maximum advantages to its users and subscribers base is Capixal. The broker is known for carving the most flexible and conducive conditions for its traders that help in reaching the maximum profits. The online trading portal supports its clients with vast choices and trading essentials. The broker provides solid grounds with incredible moves to its traders. It gets rid of any stress related to investment.

What is Capixal?

Notably, Capixal is an online trading portal that started its operations in the year 2021. However, it quickly garnered its name in the industry following remarkable achievements and its user-oriented approach in the competitive financial market. IFC Investments Cyprus Ltd is the company that established the Capixal broker and takes care of its trading operations. Moreover, it follows all guidelines and laws drawn by the country of its establishment. As a result, the brokerage firm’s unparalleled experiences and unprecedented support assist in scaling ladders of profits.

The broker provides CFD trading services to all market participants, opening the doors of experimenting in global markets. The seamless bidding integration with no risk management offered by the broker’s conditions attracts traders. In addition, the demo account feature is unique and sustainable for beginner traders who want to be sure before investing their funds in the market.

The constant regulation and surveillance by CySEC keep all activities and transitions nuanced on the broker, which is a rarity these days. The transparency in trading is

Options and Features

When it comes to tremendous account types and their options and features, Capixal is miles ahead of its competitors in the financial market. Primarily, the broker provides three account types to its clients. They are Platinum Account, Silver Account and Gold Account. Their utility is as per the experience of traders. Market participants can swiftly and easily adjust to different trading environments using services offered by these accounts.

Additionally, the international market coverage and the vast trading instruments bargain for the attention of traders globally.

Silver Account

A beginner or novice trader has plenty of thoughts in mind and nervousness while investing in the financial market for the first time. The Silver Account is the answer to all queries. It calms down excessive thoughts by providing excellent and commendable features that are relatable and navigate through challenging situations of the market.

New traders don’t need to spend significant amounts for garnering bigger benefits. Instead, the broker helps such market players with features that fit their budget and understanding.

The highest leverage for forex traders with the account is 1:30 (for retail investors). It is decent because users can make 30 times their investment in the market. That is massive. Also, the EU guidelines do not allow to offer leverage beyond that. Thus, the broker is complying with the rules. However, professional traders can use a leverage of 1:500.

Moreover, a trader gets a dedicated account assistant that takes care of the excess load during trading. Thus, it saves time. The hedging is also applicable here that promotes trading to another level.

The broker charges zero commission on deposits from traders trading through the Silver Account. Users get 350+ CFD assets for bidding in the volatile market. The multilingual dedicated support is one of its strengths that fetches eyeballs. Besides, there’s a free education hub for making do with important and updated trading market information.

Traders can speak with customer support executives in multiple languages. Thus, there are no language barriers while speaking. In addition, the average execution time is 0.08 seconds, which is quick and adds to the comfort of a beginner. The account currency is USD here.

Furthermore, there’s a fifth decimal for an extending facility. The Islamic Account features are mindboggling.

PS:- It is available only to Muslims. It has several amends as per the faith of people and sends a message of inclusiveness. The features are better than other trading accounts here.

Gold Account

Once a trader makes progress and earns some money by trading on the Silver Account, it is time to move on to the Gold Account. It is the den of benefits and new learnings. Also, the added characteristics give new wings to traders for investment. It helps them in capitalising on profits in different ways.

The account comes with a dedicated account assistant, dedicated customer service support with a multilingual facility and the fifth decimal. These features help in making trading meticulous and seamless for all subscribers. In addition, the Islamic Account feature is exemplary for traders in elevating their level of trading in the financial market.

Similar to the Silver Account, hedging helps in clubbing more significant gains for traders. In addition, Webinars and videos option assist clients when they need some help or want to learn new trades techniques.

The 25 per cent swap discount saves funds for investors for the overnight charges. In addition, the fund is available for re-investing in the market and using it for further benefits.

The account currencies are EUR, GBP and USD for all traders. Also, the average execution speed is better than its predecessor. It is 0.06 m/s. Moreover, execution models are MT4 Cent, MT4 fixed etc. Interestingly, the commission is zilch on deposits and withdrawals. That also works as a relief for investors.

The trading account settings are adjustable for all market players.

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Platinum Account

For any trader that needs an upgrade from the Gold Account after learning all trade tricks and efficiency, the Platinum Account is the best option for grabbing. Traders get the liberty to invest non-stop and earn magnificently.

The account is out of the league and adds pleasure to trading with its maverick features. The news alerts keep a trader updated with new stirs in the market, and predictions in various assets become easy for market players. In addition, free VPS gives extra vision to traders who like experimenting in the market to locate fresh ideas for trading.

The average execution speed is the quickest here, which is 0.04 m/s. It means half the time taken while executing the bids compared to the Silver Account.

Moreover, the Platinum Account provides flexible spreads that favour all traders. The swap discount with it is the highest, which is 50 per cent. Impressive and attention-seeking. The education hub is freely available using that users can enhance their trading capacity in the financial market. The 350+ CFD assets

It also offers multilingual support similar to its predecessors. Furthermore, spreads are available on gold, Dax, crude oil and several currency pairs.

The execution models here include MT4NCC, MT4NDD etc. It is essential for the trading framework. For professional clients, the leverage available is whopping 1:500. However, for retail traders, it is 1:30 due to EU regulations, and the broker complies with them like a genuine trading authority.

The available currency pairs are amazing on the Platinum Accounts. Some of the are:- NZD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD etc.

These features offered by the Platinum Account help in seizing exceptional trading opportunities for traders.

Tradable Assets

The instruments and product lines provided by Capixal are incredible. Investors can trade with them using CFDs which help them reach various international markets. The flexibility in trading and immaculate conditions are two vital points that are favourable while investing.

The broker primarily offers five trading instruments, including forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. All products have several assets that traders invest into for earning funds.


The customisable account settings help bid on renowned blue-chip stocks like Tesla, Microsoft, Zoom, Apple and others. In addition, trading indicators and charts help know the market’s movement, which further translates into profits. The broker offers CFD trading on 150+ shares.


Any willing forex trader gets to invest in more than forty-five currency pairs with the help of several trading platforms. It consists of all major, minor and exotic currencies for investments. Some commodities include gold, platinum, oil, gas, sugar etc.


If you are trading commodities, the Capixal broker offers 25+ CFDs to traders. It diversifies the portfolio of a trader and gives protection when the market is highly volatile. It fine-tunes the investment.


For any trader, who is scared of getting hit by the market’s twists and turns, indices trading is suitable for them. Traders can invest in more than ten major world-class indices. Trade CFDs on NAS 100, SPX 500, Jones 30, DOW etc.


The broker provides dozens of virtual coins for trading through CFDs. Some of them include ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin etc. They help in staying at the pinnacle of the financial market.

Trading platforms

Three types of trading platforms change the course of financial trading for a trader. They are MetaTrader4, Mobile App and WebTrader. Each of them come with distinct features for accomplishing the requirement of a market player.

One-click trading, automatic execution of trades, trading history, and the ability to crest the market waves get investors to earn bigger gains.

  • Thirty technical indicators
  • Nine timeframes
  • 60+ analytical tools
  • Multilingual professional support
  • One tap trading option
  • iOS and Android compatibility

Is Capixal safe?

The broker is genuine because CySEC regulates all its activities. Hence, there’s no chance it can indulge in any illegal activity. Moreover, it works under license number 327/16 that renders services of trading to traders. The registration number of the company is 342390.

Its office address is Arch. Makariou III, 242. P.Lordos centre, block A, 2nd floor, Office 203, Limassol. Anyone can approach them at the official address. Thus, it proves that the broker is safe for all traders and investors. Key Takeaways Zero commission is one of the leading takeaways offered by the broker. In addition, the speed of the website remains uninterrupted, and it is user-friendly, even for a novice trader. Thus, it scores good points here. Also, its specialised news alerts, the free education hub, CFD trading assets and a vast range of trading instruments make it great for traders to enter the market. Try it now Conclusion The Capixal review highlights the secrets of the success that traders associated with the brokers are enjoying. The broker is offering high-speed trading and execution along with tight and flexible spreads for traders. In addition, the swap discount and 350+ assets offer respite to traders while investing their hard-earned funds.

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