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Following up on LATTICE's first edition published last year, LATTICE80 brings to you the 2019 edition of its Blockchain 100 list, where it showcases 100 leaders in the global blockchain community making their impact as startups, corporate, governments, or investors in the space.

We are very proud here at to say that our co Founder Jillian Godsil makes the list - only one of 30 in Europe, one of an impressive 30 women and the only Irish person on the list.

2018 was characterised as a bearish year for cryptocurrency, with the world’s premier cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC) dropping more than 80% from its high in December 2017, and losing nearly US$700b of its total market capitalisation.

While that was a huge boon to the blockchain and crypto space, we have also started to see more concrete steps demonstrating a greater openness to test and adopt blockchain technology by corporates. Early movers into blockchain are also starting to see the fruition of their early trials and investments, as they soon to come to implementation.

Corporates moving beyond the hype to implementation

Some key examples would include JP Morgan, which Interbank Information Network piloted in 2017 now sees more than 220 banks on the network, and more recently in May this year announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to further allow Quorum to become the first distributed ledger platform available through Azure Blockchain Service. A group of banks, led by UBS, had also come together to set up Fnality International, a new entity to control the development of their own “utility settlement coin” for the settlement of cross-border trades. The token has been in the works for 4 years now.

Beyond the traditional financial services, Facebook had drawn much attention to its announcement of its GlobalCoin in May. Earlier in April, Amazon has also started to provide its managed blockchain as a service for general availability in April, following on the coattails of IBM and Microsoft.

More countries and cities also stepping up blockchain efforts

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Traditionally, the US and the UK had been the epicentre of blockchain activity. However, we have started to see other countries and cities take a much more active stance in further developing their blockchain strategies over recent years.

In Asia Pacific, both the Chinese and Indian governments have clearly emphasised on the need for their respective countries to adopt the technology rapidly, with the Chinese government committing to the development of blockchain in its 13th 5 year plan.

Across the rest of the world, other blockchain hubs have emerged more pronouncedly, with Estonia, Malta, Germany, and the Nordics being some of the most progressive and mature blockchain ecosystems. The Middle East has also drawn much attention, especially with the Smart Dubai 2020 Blockchain Strategy that is in place.

It is with these observations and trends in mind that we have produced this list of 100 blockchain leaders, to create more opportunities for partnership between players to further grow and develop the global blockchain ecosystem.

Key Highlights from the list:

  • Of the 100 influencers, 36 featured are from Asia Pacific29 from North America, another 30 from the United Kingdom and Europe, and 5 from the Middle East
  • Also, of the 100, 30 are women
  • 43 hold key management roles in blockchain startups and projects32 are enablers, whether by working with the government, academic institutions, as media influencers, or by spearheading and supporting the development of local blockchain communities through accelerators, events, spaces, and other advisory services; 20 are in charge of the development and adoption of blockchain capabilities within corporates; and are key investors in the global blockchain space

Congratulations to all blockchain leaders!

to view the list click here (arranged alphabetically)