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 The Exquisite Corpse Game consists of dividing the work of drawing among several participants, so that each one creates their section without seeing what the previous participant has drawn. In this way, the complete incongruity between the works is preserved. The Crypto Exquisite Corpse is created on Instagram using templates and a joint color palette that changes every month. 

Coinciding with the second anniversary of the project, Exquisite Workers has curated 504 NFTs - parts that make up The Crypto Corpse - dedicated to the cosmos exploration, the Metaverse, and SDGs (Global Goals). 

These unique works have been minted on the Blockchain for the past 12 months and have graced the world's leading NFT art exhibitions. The collection occupied the main page as a featured project on Opensea and SuperRare, the most important marketplaces on the planet. 

Exquisite Workers are co-creators of the first NFT art contest for Climate presented at COP26, UK where thousands of delegates from over 200 countries and NGOs gathered at the largest climate conference in history. 

04_Super Real Edition

Exquisite Workers was born in Barcelona coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic as a community of illustrators and an online art platform. The collaborative project is created to break down physical and historical barriers and unite individual artist contributions on the Instagram Grid and on Blockchain. The age of the participants varies between 2 and 94 years and the number of illustrations exceeds 2,500. 

In just two years, the Exquisite Crypto Corpse has been exhibited at the world's largest digital art festivals (in China, USA, Dubai, UK) and in the It's All Around Us & Wall Street Journal+ Iconic Mints virtual galleries alongside works by Beeple, Fvckrender, Cryptopunks, CryptoKitties, and other world-renowned artists who wrote their page in the history of contemporary art. Due to the growing demand for NFT advice for companies and institutions, the project has grown as a creative and educational consultancy with a focus on social cause and has collaborated with a celebrated digital fashion house such as The Fabricant, and organizations dedicated to a social good such as UN Habitat Youth and DoinGud among others. The DigitalArt4Climate Art Contest at the COP26 Summit in collaboration with Exquisite Workers invited creators from around the world to contribute to climate action through the power of art and technology. International media such as UN Web TV and CNN Philippines announced the winners whose work will be auctioned off this summer. 

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Recently, Exquisite Workers' Exquisite Corpse was projected on large digital screens in Dubai's Burj Park, at the Gulf region's premier exhibition “Alternative Reality” featured on CNBC Arabia. These days Exquisite Workers is exhibiting at the first crypto art museum in the world in Seattle NFT Museum, USA together with Refik Anadol, Gmunk and Kyle Gordon in the exhibition "The Climate Conversation" (until June 3). 

Throughout the month of May 2022 Exquisite Workers has a highly anticipated solo show at Canada's first NFT gallery 0x Society in collaboration with SuperRare. Here Exquisite Workers ends its first limited edition NFT collection framed within the #NFTTOSTAY space mission that consists of an intergalactic trip with a stop on each of the planets in the solar system. 

11_Mercury & Moon Edition

The collection consists of a total of 504 works divided into 12 editions, each dedicated to a Surrealist mentor and a global goal of sustainable development. 0x Society exhibits the latest 12 works as a well as the precious selection of 77 pieces created over the last 12 months on high-end digital screens. Isaac Malakkai, David Durà, Roger Haus, Anna Dart - all artists from Spain - along with artists from other countries interpret the works of the Surrealists who accompanied the collective throughout their journey: Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Remedios Varo, etc. 

Exquisite Workers adds hundreds of individual synergies to build something bigger, more powerful and beautiful, always with respect and admiration for the culture of both the past and the present. 

“The Exquisite Corpse reminds us that every step we take adds up. It is the perfect representation of the idea of Blockchain and of life itself,” explains the team. “Since the foundation of Exquisite Workers, we have been championing creative thinking, innovation, and engagement in social campaigns at the intersection of digital art and emerging technology. Inclusion, diversity, connectivity and representation are at the core of who we are and shape our values. We are the first to create the Exquisite Corpse on the Blockchain by recording our paths into the future. We are the first to bring NFT technology to UN offices reaching a global audience of the highest level. We aspire to become a welcoming ecosystem that enables everyone to create on Web3 by reinventing the digital screen as a transformative and positive experience.” 

 Instagram @exquisiteworkers 

Twitter @ew_corpse