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The Zage “Real Applications of Blockchain Technology” report was conceived as a way to continue the conversation about the incredible potential of blockchain technology in 2019, even as ICOs have lost momentum and the hype cycle winds down on many “world-changing” and “disruptive” projects that never saw the light of day outside of their white papers.

Zage was looking for a way to continue the conversation about the incredible potential of blockchain technology in 2019. So they spoke to 102 blockchain leaders and investors who are creating real value for the blockchain community to share their thoughts about where the industry is headed in 2020 and beyond. 

Part of what makes the report unique is its integral use of quotes from respondents. Here are a few of the voices who appear in the report:

— TIM DRAPER: “People are already using blockchain in everyday life. The blockchain is just a perfect ledger. It keeps perfect information on Bitcoin use, and it keeps perfect information on any other form of data, too. It is being used to secure data for everything from medical records to certification of education.”

— GUNTHER SONNENFELD, NOVENA CAPITAL: “Our position and interest as an advisory/investment group is to identify blockchain/DLT/DHT platforms that actually create the most positive social and environmental impact as possible.”

— CHRIS HART, CIVIC TECHNOLOGIES: “With a history that is tied to Silk Road and countless cryptocurrencies that are struggling with adoption and volatility, blockchain technology faces challenges of interoperability, scaling, perception, and most importantly, a lack of use cases and user interface.”

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— OLGA MACK, QUANTSTAMP: “Some of the biggest opportunities for blockchain technology are financial in nature. The automation produced by smart contracts opens up the potential for worldwide liquidity and trading of assets, so we expect that to continue.”

— HUGO RENAUDIN, LGO: “Regulation is paramount, as it allows companies to make structural decisions without the risk of a regulatory backlash. No regulation is worse than bad regulation, as this stifles innovation and inhibits entrepreneurs and companies.”

— GEOFFREY MCCABE, DIVI PROJECT: “The idea of money has been heavily abused by governments and the banks that control them. They have used it as a way to make themselves rich, by endlessly printing more of it for themselves, rather than just creating an easy way for citizens to exchange value.”

Final remarks

This report is just a snapshot in time with the candid thoughts of leaders in the blockchain industry. The report took a considerable amount of time from idea conception, from researching and contacting people, to collating all of the data. Zage will continue to explore further trends in the blockchain industry.

To learn more about the blockchain industry, and what are the next big trends that are about to happen, download Zage’s  report here

Author: Justin Roberti, Contributing Writer
Bio: Justin has over 25 years of experience working in media with leading technology companies. He is currently Director of PR for Zage.