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Perianne Boring is a lobbyist and a self-proclaimed tom boy. She grew up in Lakeland, Florida and got her Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Florida in 2010 before moving to Washington D.C. to make a name for herself.

She has quite an eclectic history. During college she worked as an intern at the White House. She then started her career serving as the Constituent Relations Director for a member of the United States House of Representatives in 2011. In 2013, she worked as a television host and anchor for RT America’s international finance television program that aired in more than 100 countries called “Prime Interest.” This was a live broadcast in D.C. that focused on topics that weren’t covered by the mainstream media in the wake of the financial crisis and it touted having more than 650 million viewers.

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Perianne has a history of both working with and competing in beauty pageants. She won the Miss Daytona Beach USA competition and became a Semi-Finalist in the Miss Florida USA pageant twice. In 2011, she even competed in the Miss District of Columbia pageant at the same time she was working with State Representative Dennis Ross of Florida. She also directed a Miss USA preliminary pageant which is the pageant that is done to qualify candidates to compete at a national level.

In 2014, her career branched off and she became the creator of the “Chamber of Digital Commerce” whose mission “is to promote the acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain-based technologies.” As President, Perianne makes it her focus to lobby Washington by making sure that lawmakers and policy makers were informed about blockchain and cryptocurrency in order to both keep it in their minds and inform them of misinformation. Before her company was created, there really was no major advocacy group for this industry.

In her spare time, Perianne was a writing contributor for Forbes writing The Boring Bitcoin Report as well as other articles. She can be heard on the cryptocurrency podcast’s such as Chain in the Valley and Bitcoin Uncensored and has made appearances on NASDAQ’s TradeTalks. These days you can find her speaking at conferences like The DC Blockchain Summit, Congressional Blockchain Education Day, Code-A-Thon, FinTech Conferences and Blockland Solutions. She is also an adjust professor at the McDonough School of Business in Georgetown University where she teaches FinTech and Blockchain to a new generation.

If it wasn’t for Perianne Boring and the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the US Government would be flooded with misinformation about the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. It is important to have someone like her on our side advocating for all the potential that this technology can bring to our future as a whole. With all the work that she is doing, it is hoped that she can push positive policy changes in the government and reduce the red tape that we are facing ahead of us to clarify clear lines and regulations going forward. I personally am happy to have this lady in our corner fighting for all of us!

This article was written by Elena Demou from