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Born in Turkey, Meltem Demirors had the luxury of traveling through Europe in the summers thanks to the hard work of both her parents who wanted her and her brother to have more out of life than they did. They moved to the US in a small town in Michigan when she was just 10 years old and because of her love of reading, she practically taught herself English by pouring over story after story at her local library. This is a passion that she still holds to this day as she is known to be an avid lover of science fiction novels.

Meltem has always been a hard worker who loves learning, a bit of an overachiever some might say. She had dreams of becoming a doctor one day but while at Rice University, then later MIT, her studies took her in another direction. After receiving her MBA in 2015, she found herself immerged in the cryptocurrency industry, becoming the Director of Development for the Digital Currency Group, which is a venture capital company and trading firm in New York City that focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. While there, she managed an investment portfolio of over 100 companies across 30 countries and later proved her worth enough to become the Vice President.

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In 2018, she moved on to become the Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares where she now has $1 Billion in digital assets under her management. CoinShares is trying to bridge traditional and digital finances by building “best-in-class, professional-grade tools and services for investors seeking exposure to the digital asset class.” If this wasn’t enough, on her own time, she became the founder and CEO of Athena Capital, a management firm that she created in order to invest in digital currencies and startups in order to accelerate the growth of this industry.

This is clearly a woman who seems to never sleep as she also does many other things on the side to increase awareness. She Co-Founded the Crypto Springs conference with Elizabeth Stark to bring entrepreneurs and leaders in the cryptocurrency space together. She co-hosts a weekly podcast called “What Grinds My Gears” with Jill Carlson in which they discuss crypto and how it ties into culture, politics and finances. She actively lectures at both MIT Media Labs and Oxford Business School about blockchain. And, she also enjoys writing as you can see from her many articles and on “The Leader Series” on Medium (maybe Uptrennd in the future also?) a lot of which focuses on women thriving in the crypto and blockchain space.

This fantastic lady really does seem to do it all. She truly is an inspiration to me and with only a few years of this market under her belt, I personally cannot wait to see what she will accomplish in the future… because I know it will be great.

This article was written by Elena Demou, from