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WAX collectibles sell out in 28 hours

WAX introduced a mainstream audience to the blockchain this week. These Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) collectibles were sold out in under 28 hours! A massive success and a step towards the future of integrating mainstream collectors and gamers to blockchain.

Topps & WAX Officially Announce Partnership for Digital Garbage ...

· WAX launched on May 12th and by May 13th morning it was sold out!

· 110,000 digital trading cards in 12,000 packs

· Demonstrates the ease with which collecting can be done on the blockchain today. Two years ago this wasn’t possible but with an easy onboarding experience and a cult-favorite collectible brand, this was the recipe for adoption.

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· WAX makes it easy for mass adoption

· Many are now selling their digital collectibles on 3rd party sites like ebay

Arielle Brechisci, Content and Community Manager explains how it went in the video here: