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We spoke to six accomplished web 3 leaders about how they spend their mornings. While there is a lot of variety in each leader's routine the one unchanging characteristic is consistency.

1. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning

Lemon water contains nutrients that help boost your immune system, and may also help reduce blood pressure. Doing so first thing in the morning may also aid digestion.

Co-Founder of Music NFT project Barnaby Andersun knows all about consistency and told us he has had the same two hour morning routine for 30 years. Lemon water is a key part of this checklist that has clearly stood the test of time.

For Grace Rachmany, founder of, lemon water in the morning is non-negotiable. “If my morning is super busy, I will skip everything but the lemon water and meditation and do the rest [of her morning routine] later in the day.” she told Blockleaders.

2. Meditation

Grace’s other non-negotiable is meditation. Meditation has been linked with so many benefits to both mental and physical health.

There are different types of meditation. Grace likes GMCKS or Tibetan Forest Tradition meditation. Barnaby also makes meditation a part of his morning routine but he prefers to do an insight sitting meditation, occasionally adding a walking meditation too.

3. Movement

There are several reasons to move your body in the morning. Founder of Guy Champion likes to get his workout in early because it might be his only chance. He is currently building a metaverse project set to release in the next 2 months.

“It's super important to me to make sure my morning starts with a workout due to how hectic my day can get at the office.” he told us. His workout of choice is either a session on the rowing machine or going for a run.

Working out first thing in the morning “gets the blood flowing” for co-founder of Bricktrade Mandeep Kang. She does a 15 minute exercise routine, doing “anything from short circuits consisting of squats, star jumps and press ups to a quick brisk walk outside.”

Some of the web 3 leaders we spoke to like to get their heart rate up with cardio, others prefer to slow their bodies down. Barnaby Andersun likes to do yoga, stretching and resistance training while Grace Rachmany does egoscue method movements or a stretching routine.

4. Wim Hof method

Wim Hof shot to fame in recent years as a guru of cold water therapy and breathwork. He travels the world giving training on breathwork techniques and talking about the benefits of cold water therapy.

His method offers benefits such as increased focus, reduced stress and better sleep. And leaders we spoke to are taking note.

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Grace Rachmany told us she does 3-4 rounds of Wim Hof’s breathing exercises each day, while Mandeep Kang uses a cold shower “to get the energy levels up”.

5. Learning

The morning is an excellent time to learn new things. After a good night's sleep our brains are often more efficient and alert.

Jerry Eitel, Chief Metaverse Officer of Prager Metis, likes to start his morning by challenging himself with the day’s Wordle puzzle. After this he checks the Webber dictionary app word of the day in English and in French.

“I find the history and etymology of words and word roots really interesting. I studied creative writing in college and seriously considered pursuing my MFA before becoming an accountant. Much of what I do each morning is rooted in my love of the English language and literature.” he told us.

CEO and Founder of Media Coin Jeff Freiberger likes to take advantage of this time in the morning to learn about one different type of tech each day to help him keep up with the changing NFT market.

6. Catching up with the latest

Checking the news in the morning is probably one of the oldest morning routines, dating back before the term ‘morning routine’ was even in our vernacular. So it’s no surprise that many of the web 3 leaders we spoke to do just that.

Jerry Eitel likes to read the New York Times, The Washington Post as well as reading the stories trending online. He likes to read the regular news before going more in depth into trending stories about web3 and the metaverse.

Jeff Freiberger first searches specifically for any NFT usage updates or innovations in the space. He then goes to the business news to check on the stock market's performance.

7. Check in on work

With such busy days ahead of them several of our leaders like to use their mornings to get up to speed on anything work related that happened overnight.

Barnaby Andurson, Guy Champion and Jerry Eitel all check their messages as part of their morning routines to see what might have come in over night.

8. Looking after children

Being consistent with your own morning routine can be difficult enough. For Mandeep Kang she has children to think about too. She likes to do her workout and have her cold shower first before waking her children to have breakfast together.

After this they all scramble into the car where they “sing along to my 4 year old’s favorite songs or discuss dinner plans if I need some inspiration.”