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Are you thinking of travelling and working remotely this year ?

Growing up I always thought going to work would entail a long journey to an office somewhere never did I think going to work would allow me to work remotely and travel Europe for 3 months.

In September 2021 I worked remotely from Spain, France and Portugal whilst making some weekend trips to Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

I learned some of the following lessons along the way that may help anyone that is considering working remotely and travelling.

1. Don’t forget your mouse! I did not realise how much I relied on my wireless mouse to create content and other things. After 2 days of not having it, I had to buy a new one to place the one I left at home.

2. Set up a designated workspace. This is probably the most important aspect. My advice is to research where you are going to look at remote working spaces or stay in hotels/apartments that has space for you to focus. Make sure it has a secure and reliable internet connection. Get outside if you can! I found being outside helped me a lot when completing some tedious tasks.

Anticafe, Bordeaux, France

Anticafe, Bordeaux, France

3. Write a to-do list, I recommend doing this regardless this helped me to remember things, plan out my days, set realistic goals, plan for the weekend and months ahead and of course to feel the satisfaction of ticking items off the list.

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Alcúdia, Mallorca (Majorca)

Alcúdia, Mallorca (Majorca)

4. Make a conscious effort to get out and explore once you have finished work. After work every evening I went on a quick hour or 2 walk to disconnect and explore.

5. Be social - some of the best experiences I had while travelling was meeting new people and hanging out with them. Being in a new place forces you to get out and meet new people which is great and is something that I had missed doing since COVID.

6. Get a good travelling data plan! Sometimes you can’t always rely on strong internet where you are staying so having a mobile plan that will allow you to hotspot your PC is a must!

7. Have fun, plan ahead and don’t do too much! The thoughts of travelling somewhere new every weekend is great, get a late flight Friday or early Saturday for a day trip and come back but in reality, it is exhausting! Make sure you are not doing too much and take time to relax.

8. Take note of all restaurants and things to do for friends and family in the future.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal