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Panther Protocol, the privacy protocol, was established this quarter to offer privacy-compliant services for decentralized finance. Panther Protocol addresses a key issue of privacy facing DeFi users, especially those engaged in sophisticated investments and loans in this sector.

Serial entrepreneurs and technologists form the backbone of the company. Oliver Gale, CBDC inventor joins forces with Dr Anish Mohammed, cryptographer and ZK proofs expert, to offer a strong technical solution to overt and unwelcome transaction exposure in DeFi.

Decentralised Finance is a boon for people looking to invest, earn interest and make loans using their cryptocurrencies. However, there has not been a means to preserve privacy up until now,” says Oliver Gale, CEO of Panther Protocol.

Privacy, a key component in democratic life, has been missing in this sector. We are not talking about illicit transactions, but the basic right to private transactions that are both secure and compliant. We are solving this with Panther.

Panther Protocol is the smart way to solve privacy issues when handling crypto transactions. It does this in two key ways that are measurable and considered.

The first element is compliance. Everyone who commits their crypto follows compliance regulations. This is an entry-level requirement to make it above board and sustainable in the long term, regardless of what regulations come down the track.

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To ensure this element is robust, gatekeepers will process the compliance forms. Gatekeepers are made up of financial institutions, exchanges and other software entities with the ability to collect KYC data. The attraction of gatekeepers is the provision of liquidity for their projects while their independence is a powerful part of the protocol.

The second is the security of assets. Panther Protocol takes crypto assets, secures them and mints zAssets by return. Each zAsset is one-for-one collateralized with its underlying asset. Whether the zAsset is a zBTC or zUSDT, the new zAsset is a direct synthetic representation of the original unit of value.

Co-Founder and chief technology scientist, Dr Mohammed says: “We provide game-theoretic bounds to privacy and price them. Initially, the Panther Ecosystem will be developed on Ethereum with the public release in Q3 this year. In Q1 2022, Panther will release the V1 of a Privacy Cross-chain DEX on a Layer 2 solution.

The result is a compliant privacy platform allowing holders of zAssets to avail of DeFi opportunities without fear of being tracked or outed.

Gale adds, “Privacy and compliance are not incompatible ideas. We see that healthy societies should and can exist with both.

Panther Protocol was founded in the first quarter of 2021. It has already raised $3million in seed capital and recruited a 20-person team. The protocol will deliver an MVP in Q3 with Gatekeepers and mixers, with a decentralised ecosystem available by the end of the year.