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Happy Halloween and welcome to this weeks short Crypto and Blockchain recap with Jillian Godsil and Lisa Gibbons.

First the Headlines, this is the big picture this week:

  • FATF Defi and NFT Guidelines are updated - the financial action task force is an international organisation that creates standards for anti-money laundering. It does not have the authority to make binding laws. However it puts pressure on countries to follow its guidelines. It is going to be interesting to see how regulation can coexist with DeFi
  • Facebook rebrand as Meta - Decentraland's MANA Up 44% as Metaverse Tokens Surge in Wake of Facebook's Meta Rebrand
  • MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Coffers Swell to $7 Billion
  • LinkedIn reports crypto and blockchain job listings have surged 615% since August 2020
  • New Kusama Crowdloan: Picasso, Bit.Country Pioneer and Quartz are leading the charge
  • Coinbase regains #1 position on Apple App Store as Crypto​.com jumps to third
  • In Gaming news - Blockchain game Alien Worlds Missions launches on Binance Smart Chain. Forever has Fallen gives away NFTs
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