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Tanya Hardie, AnyTask Marketing Manager at Electroneum, has just celebrated one year with Electroneum. She arrived at the busy cryptocurrency company with little experience of

blockchain but with a strong marketing background. From sports to bathrooms, Tanya has

worked across B2B and B2C companies. She believes that tools and experiences can be

relatively easily transferred from one industry to another.

“There is not one technique I can point to, but generally I find marketing as a skill set has

many similar aspects. With regard to Electroneum itself I had a lot to learn. Like most other

people I’d heard about Bitcoin, especially in the 2017 boom. Then I met Richard (Ells, the

CEO) and understood what the company was doing and I fell in love. The ethos behind the

company is to make the world a better place, and to help people in other countries – that is

absolutely amazing.”

Tanya’s first year working at a cryptocurrency company has been pretty frantic, and overall

very good. The learning curve has been tough but rewarding.

Tanya’s particular focus is a new freelance ecosystem created by Electroneum called

AnyTask. The platform allows freelance professionals to offer online services anywhere in

the world.

“It could be logo design, SEO services, website design - anything you might need and where

you might not have time or experience to complete yourself.”

AnyTask differentiates itself from other freelance sites in a number of key fashions. First up

there are no fees. Sites like Fiverr charge 20% in fees and then there are the additional fees

from the payment provider, Paypal.

AnyTask also offers fast payouts. Most freelance task sites hold fees for a specified period,

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for example month end or longer. AnyTask has what Tanya believes may be the fastest

payout of any platform.

“As soon as the client is satisfied with a task, sellers receive their ETN. It is also really

important to note that the sellers do not have to have bank accounts to receive their fees – it

goes directly into their Electroneum wallet, which is turn can be used to pay for data,

minutes, to transfer to another ETN wallet holder and, now in four African countries can be

used to pay directly for utilities.”

Mediation is also offered on the site which is available in 23 languages.

“We also offer a 100% refund guarantee so people can outsource their projects without any

risk – this is an important consideration when working with SMEs and corporates.”

Tanya and her team use the site directly on a regular basis so they can really speak to the

value as well as continuously upgrade and improve the service through their own personal


While Tanya is celebrating her one-year anniversary at Electroneum, half of that has been

during the lockdown.

“We’ve been based at home since March. It has worked well as we are all quite interactive,

we chat most days and we have team meetings all the time. I actually find I can be more

productive as I have less distractions going on.”

For more information on AnyTask or to order a service, visit

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