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We all know the story of the two people looking at the same job advertisement. The man eyes up the spec and reckons he has at least 70% of the skills needed and whoops whoops off to apply. The woman sees she is missing 30% of the competencies needed and stays her hand.

I told this to a colleague recently and he updated me on the story. We have our two protagonists now in the hypothetical interview, the women being persuaded to apply. During the interview with the man, he is asked about a project. Yes he can do it he declares with confidence. The same question is posed to the woman who takes her time in answering, drawing on reservations but ultimately coming to a positive conclusion. Who gets the job? The man of course as he is seen as being confident and capable. The very reasoned caution of the woman is seen as a weakness. Yet, if given the job, she would already be halfway there.

You know the drill. Men are authoritative, women are shrill. Men are capable, women are bitchy. It is hard for women to be direct and assertive without being cast as bossy and manipulative. All words but all still lingering in the workplace .

Men are socialized to be much better at self-promotion; they tend not to second guess. Women are less so. Even when they get to the board room, women are not as vocal as their male counterparts.

So, we need to change this. It is not a ‘man bad, woman good’ argument but a 'we need women to put their hands up more often' thing. Women need to claim their inner Spartacus.

With 30 years’ experience across large multinationals, small companies, fast growing startups, IPOing companies, small one man bands and even running in the European Parliamentary Elections, I know it does no one any good to hide their talents under a bushel. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Why would you take your talents and not use them? You should honour the gifts you are given, to do otherwise is to disrespect yourself.

It’s not about being shouty, loud or boastful, but raising your hand: saying I do, I will, I am.

Here’s five quick things you can do to self-promote in a meaningful, authentic manner:

  1. Linkedin (and other social media)

Keep your profile up to date, add articles you have written or have appeared in, and update any new positions

  • Awards

Apply for awards, accreditations, professional memberships and add them to your profile

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  • Events

Get out and meet people at events from conferences to meetups: but don’t just attend, offer to speak, moderate, network and /or volunteer.

  • Join Groups

Follow your passion and join like-minded groups. If you can’t find any, set up your own.

  • Ask

Ask questions, ask for mentoring, ask for coffee (virtual or real), ask for meetings, ask for help… then offer help.

Remember - She is Spartacus.

I am Spartacus.

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