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Eunice Wong is on a mission to show other people, especially women, that they can become financially independent and has found she has a natural flaw for trading – something that surprised her as she never studied finance.

“Actually I wanted to be a rock star when I was younger. I enjoyed a musical upbringing – although in a more traditional sense. My family would go to church every week and I was in the church choir and that is where my love of music began.”

She studied Music at college and she formed a band. However, after she left college, her first job was with Uber in its headquarters creating the ‘Uber bible’ which used AI to build content. This was her aha moment when she discovered that she was fascinated by technology and so she switched to studying tech in her masters.

“I even learned how to code which I really enjoyed. Although I appear outgoing, I am actually quite introvert and so coding was really fun for me – it’s just zeros and ones, that made sense to me.”

Supporting herself financially while studying she met a manager when she was 25 who explained the concepts of investing and this just clicked too. She met her current partner at the same time who was a successful trader and he mentored her.

“I started looking at the analysis and it just made sense. So, I took all my savings, some $20,000, and put it into stock. In just six weeks that had converted into $120,000. I was hooked.”

While Wong knew she had got lucky, she also grasped the fundamentals very quickly. When COVID locked down the world she started trading seriously and in February of 2021 moved into crypto trading.

Wong began by day trading and found there were scammers just looking for her money.

“Because I was a newbie I fell for a number of honeypots – but I learnt from my – painful – mistakes. I now call those scams my university fees, only in this case it was the fees to learn how to navigate the volatile world of crypto.”

Wong trades crypto but when the market goes down she takes her money out into fiat but she likes to diversify and has now graduated from trading to investing. She started in April 2021 but already she has five major investments in crypto projects.

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How she decides on each project is determined by her gut and is guided by a number of close friends who are also investing in crypto.

Her decision to invest in Marhaba DeFi was dictated by a shared vision. Meeting the chairman of Marhaba she discovered that the project was formed out of a desire to do ethical business and to make good things happen.

“Marhaba’s vision is broader than just faith, it extends to everyone. I really enjoyed being part of a project that wants to create a greater good rather than just betting on misfortune.

“I also love that it will help people access credit who might not have been able to before – to pay for a car, university fees or a home.”

At the core of Wong’s financial vision is to be financially independent herself. She is very independent and does not like to ask other people for things.

“When I was 25, around the time I first discovered about investments as a career, I was also totally broke and couch surfing. I wanted as a human being to help others but how could I do this if I could not help myself.”

Part of Wong’s determination to succeed was pushed by her own situation but also she knew she wanted to help others. Her view of female leadership is driven by nurturing people around her. Of course, as a well-known woman online she experiences her fair share of aggressive trolls, most anonymous, but she just blocks them.

By becoming financially successful, she is now in a position to look after her family, look after herself and also to help other women looking to become financially independent.

“This is my joy and if I can contribute to another human’s road to financial independence that makes me very happy.”

That and her desire to open an animal sanctuary when she retires – soon.