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Jonathan DeCarteret  is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of INDX. He is all about the supernode.

His CV is pretty impressive so we thought we would include it here

Previously Founder & CEO of Switch Media the UK’s 60th fastest company (Sunday Times) and currently co-Founder of INDX, the leading investment vehicle for cryptocurrency MasterNodes.

Crypto investor, activist, believer and supporter.

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Jonathan has a degree in Artificial Intelligence and has led a pivotal role in a succession of tech start-ups including CEO of LaunchPad PLC and COO of Aspartech.

His sound grasp of fiscal reporting, fiduciary duties and clarity of vision have allowed him to consistently realise the vision.

Jonathan has provided widely cited business commentary for BBC News, ITV News, Sky News, The Times, Guardian and Telegraph along with radio interviews and major trade publications.

Jonathan sits on the advisory Committee for the Macaroni Woods Children’s Venture Charity (UK) and sits on the UK All Party Parliamentary Committee for Mental Health Control.

Listen to Jonathan on the weekly EOS podcast