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The board game Crypto Millionaire was originally conceived back in Feb 2018 by game creator, Jason Burwood, and is now ready to go into production. Listen to his interview with Jillian here

The idea for Crypto Millionaire married Jasons’ twin passions: the world of crypto and the world of board games.

“I’ve been following the crypto world since 2017 and feel the same frustration as everyone else with the slow uptake. I really want people to feel comfortable with the concept and take away the fear.

“Conversely, despite basing the game in the newest technology, I have a love of board games as a way of connecting people. So far, I have played the prototype with my children and friends and it has been very successful. In fact, my seven year old daughter not only prefers Crypto Millionaire out of all our table top games (and we have a lot) but she regularly beats it at me too.”

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In his role as board game creator, Jason has travelled to China on a number of occasions and has created prototypes of the game. Initially he thought to invent pseudo projects and alt coins for the game, but then in a flash of inspiration, he decided to include real companies and organisations. The original starting 16 projects and alt coins are: Bitcoin, nem, Ravencoin, Ternio, Nano, Aeron, BADcoin, eBoost, Rapids, Webdollar, SkyCoin, PAC, Selfkey, The Divi Project, DragonChain & Neblio.

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