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David Kam is a staunch advocate for the rights of Native Americans and now leads Earth Dollar, a blockchain-based project that might help us improve all natural things around us. He spoke candidly about these issues and more here at Blockleaders.

On the mysticism of nature

The blockbuster movie Avatar (James Cameron, 2009) introduced the world to the Na'vi, the indigenous population of the Pandora moon.

The Na'vi are a peaceful, sapient, hunter-gatherer species whose culture exalts a profound spiritual connection to every lifeform: plant life, animals, and each other live in perfect harmony under the careful watch and guidance of an omnipresent entity they call Eywa.

Eywa's influence can be felt everywhere. The Na'vi embrace it from birth. Eywa maintains a perfect equilibrium among all species to prevent imbalances in the ecosystem, and ensure that enough food and resources exist to keep Pandora and all of its inhabitants alive.

When technically superior human prospectors arrive at the moon with the intention of exploiting Pandora's rich and plentiful mineral ores, that equilibrium is threatened. Eywa, as always, finds a way to restore order.

Avatar may be fiction but the Na'vi's plight does have parallelisms that can be traced to the very real oppression and forced eviction of indigenous Earth populations throughout history. Be it because of the exploitation of natural resources, land seizures, or persecution, our own civilization has engaged in some dark chapters in history.

The preservation of ancient territories against the invasion of technologically superior but naive races has been a constant factor in human struggles. The Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw Ponca, and Ho-Chuck/Winnebago tribes suffered greatly because of it during the Trail of Tears. Or the tumultuous history of the Hakka people in China, a tribe which played a significant part in the fight for Singapore's independence in 1965.

David Kam: calling on the past to restore the future of Earth's resources

David Kam is an affable, soft-spoken man. And he is bright, too. David holds an engineering degree (both for mechanical and industrial engineering) awarded by the Concordia University of Montreal.

Besides such a notable background, David still bears the scars of his ancestors. He knows only too well about struggles against powerful corporations bent on exploiting foreign lands, as he descends from the Hakka tribe. When David became aware of the plight of Native Americans, he became an activist to uphold their rights and sovereignty. He
recognised the threat to their homelands and decided to support the fight for freedom, just as the Hakka tribe had done centuries ago.

David and his team are now greatly focused on the preservation of natural resources and the elimination of poverty across the world. Using blockchain technology to achieve these objectives, they have created the Earth Dollar, a new cryptocurrency backed by €3.22 trillion worth of natural assets.

Earth Dollar: a harmony of crypto and natural resources

The Earth is what we all have in common - Wendell Berry.

Berry, a well-known environmental activist, makes a good point. Indeed, Planet Earth is the one thing that all its inhabitants have in common. And Mother Nature is Earth's executive branch, so to speak. It is designed to keep things in balance and check, but sometimes, even Nature is overwhelmed.

Avatar's rich mysticism delved into the awesome but hidden power of Nature. Eywa can be seen as a representation of Earth's own Mother Nature, an entity with an immense power that remains dormant until the ecosystem calls for help.

According to the website, "the Earth Dollar is the world's first cryptocurrency with an "intrinsic value", backed by €3.22 trillion of Natural Capital Assets of the Earth, where our collective wealth can increase by protecting and restoring our planet."

The nations of the world can pledge their resources to back the token, and these resources are not restricted to just minerals or energy reservoirs. People can pledge their creativity, too: something long deemed to be a resource of the human brain.

Well known creative assets that the Earth Dollar is planning to monetize include art, photos, music, patents and copyrights.

Creativity leads to the generation of ideas, which are developed towards the creation of an innovative solution for a specific problem. This, in turn, drives economic growth and development.

The main goals of Earth Dollar are:

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  • Eradicate the scourge of poverty
  • Restore Earth's natural order through reforestation, river cleaning, and other similar activities

The Earth Dollar project is quite striking, unique, and pioneering, as it blends the modern concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain with the harmony of Nature, drawing on the power borne by natural resources to drive it forward.

Natural Capital Accounting System: a living and breathing pool of wealth

In Avatar's Pandora, the Na'vi perceive, appreciate, and respect the intrinsic value of all living things within their ecosystem. In the real world here on Earth, however, things are not so harmonious.

The Earth Dollar project adheres to the guidelines of Natural Capital Accounting System (NCAS), which assign a value to all natural resources. By assigning tangible values to things like trees, water, mineral deposits, etc., governments can take stock of the natural wealth and issue environmental and financial policies accordingly.

David Kam's project ports the NCAS concept on to the blockchain as a Living Economic System, thus creating a decentralized environment that benefits the entire world community. This system is designed to turn the Earth Dollar into a long-term, self-sustaining enterprise by constantly generating new wealth by planting trees, cleaning water bodies, and other restoration activities across the natural habitat.

The current value of the Earth Dollar is based on 45m acres that have so far been pledged by regions in Canada and Ghana. Further value will be accrued by a planned concert in 2019 that will be broadcast live worldwide, with the intention of making the cryptocurrency become mainstream in 2020.

Earth Dollar: basic income for the world

He that plants trees loves others beside himself - Thomas Fuller

Equality and fairness are at the core of the Earth Dollar project.

Income inequality and class divide are two of the main issues affecting the global community. This inequality is sometimes fostered by the inactivity of governments whose policies favor the wealthy.

This project aims to provide a basic income for everyone through an incentive program stipulating that those living a sustainable lifestyle will earn Earth Dollars. Contributing to charitable organizations will also enable people to earn tokens.

The technology behind the idea

At its core, the Earth Dollar is an asset-backed cryptocurrency that uses smart contracts and DApps to underpin its transactions. The currency is part of an overall Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals (ESDG) plan that will tackle such fundamental issues as poverty, education, and climate change.

The NCAS-inspired Living Economic System is built on a Quantum Secured Blockchain 3.0 technology, and enhanced with a quantum mesh security provided by StealthGrid. Earth Dollar uses Directed Acylic Graph (DAG) technology, which stores data simultaneously and is capable of fielding 50k transactions per second, scalable upwards.

At the outset of the project, the platform will utilize Earth Dollar tokens, whose value will increase as the Earth is restored through the involvement of the community in reforestation and cleaning tasks. The Living Economic System will become the foundation for a sustainable and transparent economy centered on the well-being of all life on the planet, helping to achieve the set SDGs by 2030.


Blockchain technology has so far been largely restricted to Fintech and other high-tech industry sectors, but Earth Dollar takes blockchain in a brand new direction that opens up new avenues of thought, development, and growth.

Now, the restoration of Nature becomes not only a basic duty, but also a profitable one that encourages the community to act, to do something. If successful in all of its goals, Earth Dollar will become the world's savior by eliminating the shameful scourge of poverty while providing the community with a World Basic Income that will help them prosper, while simultaneously restoring our environment. It provides two solutions in one.

In the long run, the constant renovation of natural wealth will ensure the self-sustainability of the entire project.

You can follow David Kam on LinkedIn or the Home

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